7 Amazing Dating Tips for Teenage Guys Relationships

Firstly we all should know that what is dating? Dating is something that one can do at any age and at any time. But there should be only one commitment or there should be only one person you date. Now a days dating is a very common desire of every teenage guy.

There are a lot of online dating platforms too. There are lot of online dating websites or online dating applications like tinder , cuteu ,bumble etc. where you can have a match and start dating someone. The most of the users on online dating website or online dating applications are teenagers around 16 to 20 years of age. Users can simply swipe left to the profile Or to the user in which they are not a bit interested and can swipe right to the user or to his or her profile to which they get attracted to. There are a plenty of users single on online dating platforms so the chance of dating someone or having a partner in their life increase by 50% .

What Actually Dating Means?

Dating means the one is going on dates, The one is continuously active going out there and meeting people and spending time with them. Dating someone means you are thinking someone specifically, purposely and on daily basis. The person starts to spend all his precious time with that person he or she want to date to have a committed relationship.

7 Amazing Dating Tips for Teenage Guys

  1. Reason for dating – Despite the fact that many teenagers are having a common desire of dating someone. so that they have a partner in their life, to whom they can share their every single thing and their should be a perfect, pure and appropriate reason to date someone . because fulfilling your desire wont let you have a successful relationship. You guys should like each other and take the responsibility to be serious and have a commitment in your life’s.
  2. Creative dates – Going on dates is a very important tip of dating not for teenagers but for adults also. having some creative dates with the person you are willing to date will also improve the bond between you guys and will also makes you a step closer towards having a relationship. one should have some creative ideas of going on dates and must go on dates on weekly basis, so that the spark of love does not fades away easily.
  3. Show some manner – One of the most important tip for dating is that both should be mannerly. Both the persons should have some manners and etiquettes to impress the other person or his/her family. Showing some manners also shows that your are quite decent and responsible and attracts the other person towards yourself with your well being.
  4. Be responsible – Responsibility a very important thing in our day to day life and being responsible in a relationship or being responsible while dating someone. Both the persons should be responsible to take the commitments and take care of your partner. dating some one or being in a relationship with someone it all comes up with a lot of responsibilities and both the persons must be responsible, without being responsible there are very less hope of successful relationship.
  5. One should take the lead – One of the person should always take the lead in the relationship and love the other unconditionally. so that in future they do not have any grudges. taking the lead means one should keep his or her ego, shyness side or self respect aside and try to sort the things if anything happened or try to improve the relationship or their bond.
  6. Keep things private – I guess that keeping things in private works more sometime it works forever, whether its dating someone or having a job placement. because work in silence and let the success make noise. dating is something which is a very respectful bond of two persons and both should understand each other and should keep the things private.
  7. Be respectful to your partner – Being respected is a very important demand of every human being, and we should follow the phrase give respect take respect . both the persons which are each other should be respectfully to each other, they both should not hurt each other or they both should not say any bad words or any thing else which might hurt the other person . taking care of these things and being respectful to your partner, may help to have decent relationship.

Why is Dating important?

Dating is very important in a relationship because it helps both the partners know each other well and dating takes the relationship to the other level. Dating period makes a lot of things clear in your mind related to that girl, weather you both are compatible or not. And you can clearly see your future with that particular girl clearly.

When you both will face situation together in a relationship you can she the way she is reacting or her opinion on certain things and situations. You both will learn how to handle situations together.

Obviously like other you both will also face many arguments but in this dating period you both will learn how to argue respectfully and to keep your point of view in front of each other. Moreover to avoid these arguments you can compromise. Compromise is very important in a relationship. Dating period will tell you weather you are actually ready to compromise anything in your life for that girl or not?

You both will have time to discuss about your future. And make adjustments accordingly like if you plan to move somewhere else for your job, do you want kinds in future, what are your priorities, do you see her as your future priority, is she the right fit for your family or not. These are all important aspects to know about your partner if you are planning a future with her.

You will learn a healthy way to communicate. Communication is the most important key for a healthy and happy relationship. In your dating period you can know if she is ready to listen to you or else she is just self obsessed. A good partner is a great listener instead for waiting for you to take a breath Ans just jump in randomly with her own problems.

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