How To Close Or Delete a Match on eHarmony? | Support: 1-888-712-0529

How to close a match on eHarmony? – There can be many type of people that you can meet on eHarmony, but If you’re not interested into one of your matches, you can just simply remove or close their profile before any type of communication begins with them or any time after the communication with them. You can get rid or close a match by just going to their profile and then clicking on the menu or the three dot option on the top-right corner of their profiles:

  • For matches with whom you haven’t communicated with them till now, you will be able to see an option to “Delete Match.”
  • For matches with whom you are already in communication with, you will be able to see an option to “Remove Contact.” In addition, within your Messages section, you can also click on the menu in the top right corner of your inbox and then click “Remove Contact” from the message section menu. You will be asked to select a reason for removing the specific contact and you will have given the option to leave a goodbye message if you are interested in.

Removing or deleting a Match or a profile deletes their profile from your account permanently, so should always make sure that you’re ready to say goodbye to a specific match. After you remove/delete them permanently from your account, you will not be able to recover or get them back to your account, so you have to decide that you are sure about deleting any match. You can also contact the eHarmony customer service for more information, or questions that might have in your mind.

How To Contact eHarmony Customer Service?

If you are having any problem in closing a match on eHarmony or in using it, you can just simply ask the quarries that you are encountering To the eHarmony customer service.

There are many ways to get in touch with the eHarmony customer service and they will help you to solve your problems. Some of them are listed below:-

You can send an email to the eHarmony customer support to talk to the representative.

You can contact the customer service just by emailing eHarmony customer support at [email protected]. There is an another option for emailing, If you are having any issue with respect to one of your matches whom is acting or talking suspiciously, you can also report them just by emailing them at [email protected] .

You can also call the eHarmony customer service through phone number to speak with someone about your issues.

You can reach eHarmony customer service through the phone number by calling at 1-888-712-0529.

Also you can ask your questions through the eHarmony online help centre.

Using the online help centre is very easy, you have to just  submit a question to get help from eHarmony customer support. You have to go to website then app and at last ask, and then fill in the information about your issue, including the subject or issues, category, and some details.

You can also submit a question to one of the eHarmony dating experts to give you an advice for your problems.

The eHarmony customer service also has a section in their site which allows you to get some advice about dating. If you want some tips for the ways to prepare for a date with your match, you can ask a specific question to one of the eHarmony’s dating experts. You have to just go to the then go to dating-advice and at last go to ask-experts to ask your question.

Some Other Ways Of Getting In Touch With eHarmony Customer Services:

You can try reaching out to the eHarmony customer service on Twitter.

If you will try reaching out to eHarmony on Twitter, they are more likely to be able to give response to you faster than they would give through email. If you post something about your issue on social media, other people will also be able to see your issues, and that can sometimes give them a bad impression about eHarmony. So in that case, they will be more likely to respond quickly or as fast as possible.

If everything else fails, you can try calling eHarmony the phone number, at +1-888-712-0529, and speak to a representative of eHarmony.

You can talk to a representative through or over the phone about your issue, it is may be the best way to get solution of your problem if you’re someone who would like to rather speak to a real human than try to navigate in online help systems. If you call eHarmony, you can speak to a real person and they will help you to figure out solution to your issue.

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