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eHarmony can’t send messages what to do: It is possible for paid subscribers to send personalized messages to other users on the site.

First, check the status of your messages in the messaging section of your account profile, if you are having any issues while trying to communicate with others.

If you are compatible with someone, eHarmony is a great place to meet them.

Thousands of singles have been helped by the program, which has been around for a long time. We will discuss a few things that you can do if your messages aren’t being sent on eHarmony.

Sending Messages on eHarmony

There are limitations to what you can do without a subscription at eHarmony. Free users aren’t allowed to send a personalized message to another user.

The reason your messages are not being sent is because of this. If you are a paid subscriber who is having trouble sending messages on eHarmony, you can contact a customer service agent who can help fix the issue.

There are other things that might help. To send a personalized message to another user on eHarmony, you have to visit their profile and click on the “Message” button.

If you want to send a message, write your message and click “send”. If you have spoken to this user in the past, there will be an alert that shows the number of unread messages so you know when to respond.

If you navigate to your profile and check the messages section, you will be able to see the status of your messages. You can see the messages that you sent along with the status of each one.

If either of the green checkmarks is present, then you know your message has been received by the recipient. If they are both green, then your contact has not only received your message, but also read it as well.

Timing Out

If you spend too much time on one page, the time out feature on eHarmony will automatically log you out. This protects you but it also secures your data by requiring you to re-enter your login credentials before accessing your account.

If this feature was not in place, anyone would be able to sit down after you leave the computer and access your account. You could be timed out immediately after hitting the send button, but it could not go through.

After 20 minutes of being inactive, the system will stop and you won’t be able to add information to your “about me” page.

If you were in the middle of typing a message to someone when you were timed out, your message will be automatically saved for you and stored in your draft folder, where you can retrieve it and pick up where you left off.

Getting Technical Support

Besides to calling to speak to a representative, you can also reach out to technical support to get all the details of any issues you are having. You can get help by sending an email that has the following information.

  • The details of an issue.
  • The type of device you were using. I’m sure.
  • A phone, a PC, a tablet, etc. You were using a browser.
  • I’m sure. There are many browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, etc. It includes the version.
  • The person you are trying to communicate with has an ID. Where you were going to access the site.
  • I’m sure. home, work, library, etc. You received error messages.

Help from Real People

We work with a US-based company that has live tech support available 24/7. You can take advantage of a one-week trial membership and chat with an expert now.

Solutions: “What Do I Do If My Messages Aren’t Sending on Eharmony?”?

After thousands of eHarmony customers came to search of an answer to their problem, we decided it was time to publish instructions. We put together what to do if my messages don’t arrive on Eharmony.

To try to help other people. It takes a lot of time to get through these steps according to other users, including time spent working through each step and contacting eHarmony if necessary.

Please let us know if you successfully resolve your issue with the guidance from this page.

Frequently Asked Questions-

  • How many messages can you send on eHarmony without paying?

Ans-A free eharmony membership gives singles the ability to view profiles, get match suggestions, and see a breakdown of their personal compatibility with other single people on eharmony. Only someone with a paid subscription plan can view photos, and send unlimited messages through the online dating service.

  • How do I speak to someone on eHarmony?

Ans-Our top tips for making the first move.

  • Pick your preferred way to communicate.
  • At eHarmony, we know that everyone is different, which is why we give you a selection of ways to communicate.
  • Do your homework.
  • As many people as possible communicate with each other.
  • Don’t rush to conclusions.
  • Be courteous.
  • What does it mean when it says blocked on eHarmony?

Ans-eHarmony tackles this problem with their “blocking” feature, which lets members permanently remove a match from their list of matches, stop all communication between the member and the blocked match, and keep the blocked match from seeing the member’s communication with them.

  • What do two green ticks mean on eHarmony?

Ans-If one of the two checks is green, this means that your contact has received the message. Your contact has read the message, if both checks are green. If you have a problem with customer service, contact it. There is an FAQ for eharmony.

  • Why can’t I send messages on eHarmony?

Ans-There are limits to what you can do without a subscription on eHarmony. Free users can only send a personalized message to another user. This might be the reason your messages are not being sent.

  • How do you say goodbye on eHarmony?

Ans-You can get rid of a match by going to their profile and clicking on the menu (the three dots) on the top-right of their profile. For matches that you haven’t communicated with yet, you will see the option to “Delete.

  • How can I tell if someone blocked me on eHarmony?

Ans-They will never know you blocked them if they never try to communicate with you. If for some reason they find your profile and try to write, they will move on. If that happens, they will know that you blocked them.

  • Can eHarmony send you to collections?

Ans-The settlement prohibits eHarmony from attempting to collect past due membership fees from customers who incurred them before the effective date of the settlement.

  • How do I unblock someone on eHarmony?

Ans-How to request a match on eHarmony.

  • You should reference the name and eHarmony ID number of the person you are trying to reopen the connection with.
  • There is a toll-free line for the customer service of eHarmony.
  • Wait for a response from the other person.
  • What does a smile on eHarmony mean?

Ans-If you want to send a message or respond to a message they’ve sent you, you can click the envelope. If you want to show that you’re interested in them, click the face, but don’t know what to say to them yet. If you have a paid account, you can click on the photo to view their other pictures.

  • Is paying for eHarmony worth it?

Ans-The majority of users say eharmony is worth it. Eharmony has a wide range of singles, with 10 million active users and about 750,000 paid subscribers. eharmony has a reputation for successfully matching people for long, happy relationships and marriages with a low divorce rate.

  • Does eHarmony work without paying?

Ans-There is absolutely no cost to join the eharmony community. You will be able to review any matches within the Match Preferences that you specify after completing the Compatibility Quiz. Basic members have access to basic profile information about their matches at no charge.

  • How do I block someone on eHarmony?

Ans-You can block Eharmony by looking at the top of each profile and seeing three little dots. You will get two options if you choose them. You only need to select this if you don’t want to hear from them again.

  • How do I get more matches on eHarmony?

Ans-There are more matches on eharmony.

  • You must log into your account.
  • You can click on the Matches tab.
  • To review your match preferences, click on the bottom of the list.
  • Click to change the search criteria.
  • Why am I not getting matches on eHarmony?

Ans-Try increasing your distance or changing your preferences if you don’t get any matches. It could be that you aren’t getting matches every day, or that the site is going through some technical difficulties.

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