5 Amazing Facts About The Eharmony Photo Approval Process { Guide }

eHarmony has a science-based, in-depth approach to matching couples based on their 32 Dimensions. In fact, this is why the company has been so successful with their matching algorithm.

When there are issues in a relationship, the best approach is to keep them as simple as possible and address the problem as quickly as possible. Including photos in your profile is important to having a good eHarmony experience.

Your personal information on a social networking site is all about you. It’s about the details you want to share with your friends. Whether you’re a brand or a brand-new user, you’ll have to make sure you get the best results with your profile.

As we all know, uploading images is a great way to get more messages sent. But it is not the only way to send messages. In fact, people who don’t upload images are also sending in a ton of pictures.

Facts about eHarmony photo approval process

Before they appear on the dating site, eharmony.com participants are required to upload images to their online profiles. Here are some pointers to consider while selecting photos for your profile.

You should be cautious not to post old high school pictures, even if they’re from a time when you were really happy.

There is a difference between sitting up and standing upright. Sitting up straight is a posture that can increase your productivity and happiness.

Why was the photo not accepted by eHarmony?

All images are reviewed by eHarmony before they are published on a user’s profile. The criteria for uploading an image are: must be.

Basic rules for photos on eHarmony:

  1. Images must be saved jpg format.
  2. There are no such thing as small size photographs.

Reasons why your photo is being rejected by eHarmony:

  1. You’re either not visible in the photo or it’s blurry.
  2. There is no nudity in this photograph.
  3. Provocative or obscene image.
  4. A child or youngsters by themselves are depicted in the photograph.
  5. The photograph does not depict a pet, an object, or a scenario.
  6. There is personal or identifying information in the photo.
  7. The photo portrays illegal conduct or activity Photo contains vulgar symbols, gestures, or gang signs/colours Photo has been edited in a way that dramatically changes your appearance.

How to choose the best photo to upload on eHarmony?

No matter if you are a man or a woman, we all struggle with choosing the picture to put on our profile display. Selecting the perfect dating image is the same struggle, perhaps a little more.

Choosing the perfect pictures to go on your eHarmony profile can give you a huge leg up in your search for love. Here are some tips for choosing just the right images to post.

Please, no group photos.

In profiles, it can be hard to deal with group photos of people who have no idea of what to do in a profile pic.

As a result, eHarmony requires you to upload only pictures of yourself in your profile. But that could lead to a problem for some users.

The More the Better

They say that you upload all 12 pictures. Include photos of yourself on a camping trip, a hiking trail, a bike ride, and your latest vacation.

Share what you’re interested in and what your hobbies are with potential matches to find out if they are a good fit.


Sharing a slew of selfies on social media isn’t the best idea. Your friends want to see you too, don’t hide your face away from them!

Fashion As a Passion

If you’re on social media, you want your photos to look like you! Take care with the filter settings on your camera.

Say Cheese

Make sure your profile photo portrays you in a good light. Women are more drawn to those who smile in their photos, but in our experience, men are drawn to those who are smiling too. Be yourself and convey a happy demeanor in your profile photo.

Control Of Quality

It’s a good idea to check to make sure your photos are exposed properly.

Faux Pas Filter

With today’s image-editing software, you can do pretty much anything with the images on your computer. You don’t have to hide your identity!

When you meet, your match will eventually see the real you.

Selfies In the Bathroom

Avoiding self-portraits while using the restroom, or taking them on a mirror, as they are not always well.

F.A.Q { Frequently Asked Questions }

Why would a photo be rejected on eHarmony?

Beyond these basics, there are several reasons why you may receive a photo for review: Photo is blurry or you are not visible. Photo contains nudity. Photo is provocative or pornographic.

How long does match take to approve photos?

The upload will begin immediately. If your photo is approved, it will be posted to your profile. You might notice a slight delay while we’re reviewing the photo, but you should expect it to be posted in less than 24 hours.

How do I upload a photo on eHarmony?

  1. From your Home Page, click the dropdown arrow at the top of the screen where your picture is.
  2. Click on “Edit Profile”
  3. From here, you can either click on the plus sign (+) next to your photo, or click on the icon that says “Edit Photos” in the navigation bar.

What does orange dot mean on eHarmony?

Once in a while, however, this dot will be orange. This means that the data for that match has been downloaded more than once from the Song Pop server. It’s not a problem, it just means that the data is already available on that user’s device.

How Does the eHarmony App Work?

Ans- The eHarmony website has also created an app that allows users to visit the site from anywhere at any time. The eHarmony app is free to download for both Android and iOS users.

You have full access to all the site’s features. The eHarmony app is also one of the most user-friendly dating applications available. It has few commercials, and we all know how annoying it is to get pop-ups every minute.

What Does a Profile on eHarmony Look Like?

Ans-The eHarmony profile is a virtual you and only your matches will be able to view it. It represents your personality and other information you’ve provided to the website. Naturally, your complete eHarmony profile is only visible to your matches, and vice versa.

Your eHarmony profile also includes basic information like your name, age, height, and ethnicity, as well as images and Q&A. The percentages of your compatibility with a match are displayed in several areas, including romance, emotional closeness, and social ideals.

What is the efficacy of eHarmony?

Ans- eHarmony boasts remarkable numbers, claiming to be responsible for over half-a-million marriages a day. The algorithm is scientifically accurate, and it helps you find the right partner for you.

How frequently are eHarmony matches updated?

Ans- Every day, eHarmony publishes a new match. If you’re having trouble finding matches, you may want to consider changing your profile preferences.

What payment methods are available?

Ans-You can pay for your subscription using a variety of methods on the eHarmony website. You can also make an online payment by using your debit card, credit card or PayPal.

Conclusion about eHarmony photo approval process

Although these guidelines are subject to change, please revisit this FAQ on a regular basis. We may make a small change, or we might reject your photo for reasons not listed above. Your profile image should showcase who you are and what matters to you.

Other images may portray different elements of your life. For example, a vacation photo may include your friends and family and the ocean.

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