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There are many single users online at this of time also, swiping right and left on daily routine basis to find a match. so that they can date someone easily or have some random hook-ups. Most of the users of are youngsters of age between 18 to 26 years.

Below 18, won’t permit the user to enter the website or in the mobile application as is only based for adults and is very much safe to use for online dating, similar to other dating apps like tinder and bumbles, also have same options like if you swipe left it mean you are not interested in the user or in his/her profile and if you swiped right It will mean that you are interested in the user as well as in his/her profile also. also allows you to make your profile good and attractive by allowing you to add your personal information and upload your photos and videos.

Guidelines Of Uploading Photos/Videos On

1. Attractive – The very first and very important guideline of uploading a photo/video to an dating website or application. The photos or the content you upload should be attractive, it should be nice, it should be a bit different from others so that the user seeing your profile do not swipes left instead of swiping left he swipes right.

The profile should look more attractive than you look in real.

2. Visible – The second most important guideline of uploading photos/videos is that the content you upload must show your full face and full body, you should upload your photos in which every profile of yours is visible instead of uploading pictures like your hand or your foot or uploading blur photos.

3. No Abusive Content – This one is not only a guideline but also a rule by our website or application that the content you upload on your profile should not contain any nudity or violating photos which can also be taken offensive and a proper investigation will be done for posting abusive content.

4. No Fake Photos – Many of us have once encountered with a fake profile not only on dating apps but on other social media platforms this thing happens, fake profile or fake accounts are made fake photos of the persons are uploaded, which can also called as an offense, using someone else pictures in your profile to make it more attractive or to achieve any of your desires is an offense for

5. Be Creative – The last but not the least one should be creative, users should feel free to upload creative pictures like using photo bombing or sepia tones or go classic and use black and white filters. Showing your creativeness on your dating profile may impress the users and may get you more matches.

Note – only allows you to upload only 26 photos not more than 26, 26 photos is their limit.

Why Should We Upload Photos?

First of all it is very safe to upload your pictures on dating websites or dating applications like tinder, bumble as well as The reason behind having a feature to upload photos on online dating platforms is that upload good and creative photos on your profile make your profile more attractive it makes your profile more colourful so that when it comes to any user he doesn’t have any reason to swipe left your profile.

Uploading photos also show the other user that how you look? Or what you wear? Or what’s your dressing sense is?

Uploading pictures will just simply let the other users know more about you like your face, skin, colour, height, hairs etc.

How To Upload Photos On

The very first thing  what to do is that you had to log in to your account on and click on the profile icon at the bottom of the very first screen after logging in. Now click to add more photos and then select the photos from your gallery you are willing to upload make sure the photos you upload is attractive, fully visible and does not carry any abusive content no fake photos and should be that users are not left with any reason to swipe your profile to left.

Benefits Of Uploading Photos On

  1. Its achieves an emotional connection with the user to whom your profile had come up, and it is the right of every person that he or she can upload any photos.
  2. Uploading your photos on improves your search engine optimization and sends your profile to the users more.
  3. Photos is another way to introduce your self and to convey your message that is why uploading photos is a feature of our website and it is not mandatory for every user to upload his or her pictures, as some users love to keep things private but not uploading any photo on your account will also lead to score less matches.
  4. Uploading photos to your profile ,makes your profile colourful and vibrant, so that more users gets attracted towards your profile.
  5. Uploading photos in your online dating profile also helps you to communicate more with another users, as uploading your photos will also tell a few things about you in a shorter duration.

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