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If you feel like you are being cheated, you’ll need to copy the URL of the fake profile and email security. It’s a good idea to block the profile on and not give any personal information if they ask. This is the location where you can submit a claim.

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After thousands of customers came to us looking for an answer to the problem, we decided it was time to publish instructions. How do I report fraud on and how do I get an email to reset my password are just a few examples of the type of questions we were being asked. I can’t access my account because I can’t get into Match as I get the message every time that my E mail address isn’t recognized and I need to get a new password without starting a new account. This guide was put together to help people.

There is a single step towards that. It takes an average of 15 minutes to get through these steps according to other users, which includes time spent working through each step and contacting We tried to include a list of information you’ll need when you try to fix this on your own. Let us know if you can resolve your issue with this.

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Over the course of 10 years, we had been helping customers resolve customer service issues by providing information about big organizations. The first things we started with were contact information and ways to get in touch with a human. They have some complicated phone menu systems. We expanded this set of guides because we realized that consumers still needed more help to solve their problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

How do you report a Match?

Ans-Don’t put up with it if someone makes you feel uncomfortable. If they do, tell them off. It is possible to report inappropriate content to the moderation team. If you want to report this profile, just tap the three dots in the top-right of the conversation window. It’s just between us, but reports are that all reports are that way.

How do I talk on match com?

Ans-Click on the face of the person you want to talk to to open a pop-up box with more information about that person, and then click the chat button to begin the conversation. If someone shows up in a search that you do, and they’re available to chat, it’ll say so in their profile thumbnail.

How do I cancel a match?

Ans-To cancel your match subscription you have to follow the easy steps on the website. Please choose your account. There is a gear icon for settings. On the Manage / Membership / Cancel page, select Manage / Membership / Cancel, then confirm.

Can you get banned on Match?

Ans- You’re held to the same standards as everyone else on Match. We want you to be respectful, think before you act, and abide by our community guidelines both on and offline. Match is a site where you can meet people and chat. If you break one of the rules above, you could be banned.

How do I report a profile on match com?

Ans-You can hit the Paste button if you want them to give you a profile. I’m pretty sure that the tech guys have a better method of doing this. Match would like to know that it improves their reputation and makes their site a better community.

Does Match have a chat feature?

Ans-With Match’s new live video feature, Vibe Check, users can chat directly from the app. When you start to chat with a new person, they’ll see a little Vibe Check icon at the bottom of your messages. If you agree to the terms and conditions, the other person can then request that you Vibe Check them.


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