How do I Upload Photos To My Eharmony Account? eharmony can’t see photos

Your profile photos are an essential part of having a successful experience on eharmony and members who post photos are far more likely to receive messages than those who don’t.

For us to ensure that your community is a safe and positive place to be, we review all photos before they appear on the site.

How do I upload photos to my eharmony account?

When you click the Upload Photos button on your eharmony profile, just follow these easy steps-

  1. From your Home Page, select the dropdown arrow icon to the top right of your screen.
  2. Select Edit Profile.
  3. Your photo has been uploaded to Instagram. Click on the Edit icon in the navigation bar to see how it looks so far.
  4. Use the Select Photo button, or drag and drop a file to add a picture to your device.
  5. Once your picture is uploaded, it’ll be reviewed by our customer service team to make sure it meets our standards.

Photos are an essential part of the application. To ensure you get the most out of the application, we want to make sure you upload only your own photos. This is to ensure the experience is as safe, personal and enjoyable as possible.

Check our photo posting guidelines for more info. To delete a picture, just click on the trash can icon next to it in the Organize Your Photos section. You can also rearrange the order they’re presented in using the arrow buttons.

First, the basics to get your eharmony photo approved:

  • File format: All photos must be in the .jpg format
  • Size: Any size will do, but make sure it’s big enough to appear clearly on
  • Content: Photos on your profile should be of you only – friends and family are great, but we want your matches to see clearly who you are.

Here are some reasons why we may reject your photo:

  • It’s blurred or you are not visible.
  • It is a non-fictional work of art that includes nudity, pornographic, provocative, or pornographic nature.
  • It contains personal information or details that could identify someone (e.g., Names, addresses, phone numbers, social media handles).
  • The use of image-editing software such as Photoshop is essential to many businesses, but using it illegally can get you in a lot of trouble.
  • That’s why you’ll want to learn about using the proper tools to edit images legally.
  • The picture contains a dead animal, but is not obscene, contains no vulgar words, no gestures, or gang signs, and does not contain any nudity.

Here are some tips on choosing the best eharmony profile photos:

Although these are eharmony’s basic rules, we reserve the right to reject photos for any reason other than those specified below.

Here’s a few tips for choosing the best photos:

  • Make it clear –Avoid blurry images or dark shadows.
  • Shoot close up –The first photo you upload should be a close-up or head shot.
  • Strike a pose – If you want to make a match more likely to respond, be casual but engaging. Don’t be the slouched on the couch.
  • Keep it recent – People don’t really care about your past. They want to see how you used to be. No-one wants to feel catfished.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Why can’t I upload a picture to eHarmony?

Ans-eHarmony is an online dating service based on equal rights for everyone. It is forbidden to post photos that might be offensive to someone. This includes pictures of people that are on a national, racial, or gender basis or something else.

How do I upload a photo on eHarmony?

Ans-To upload photos to your account follow the below mentioned steps-

  1. From the homepage of your WordPress site, click the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Click on “User Settings”.
  3. From here, you can either click on the plus sign next to your photo, or click on the icon that says “Edit Photos” in the navigation bar.

Why are photos blurred on eHarmony?

Ans-The free version of is free, but limited in many ways. You can’t message other members or view their photos. You can’t see who else is viewing your profile.

All photos will be blurred (which we do on all our reviews anyways, so thanks for the help! eHarmony).

How can I upload my photos online?

Click “New” in the upper left side of the window on desktop or tap “+” in the lower right side of the screen on mobile.

If you’re looking for a way to share photos and videos on your mobile device, you’ve landed on the right page.

Where do I upload my profile picture?

Tap the top right corner of Eharmony, then tap your name. Tap your profile picture, then tap “Change Profile Picture”. Now, choose a photo or add a frame from the gallery.

How long does it take for a photo to be approved on eHarmony?

Ans-Our goal is to process all profiles within 45 minutes of members making changes, so that those changes appear on the site. But there are some cases when it may take longer depending on the size of the queue.

How do I crop a photo on eHarmony?

Ans-You’ll be able to crop the photo to make sure the most important part is in focus. Click and drag your mouse to select the part of the picture you want to keep in focus. Click and drag the edges of the selection to move it around. When you’re done, click OK.

Can you hide your photo on eHarmony?

Ans-Click on the arrow next to your photo at the top of the screen to open the drop down menu. Click the “Data & Settings” link.

How do I know if my eHarmony account is active?

Ans- The Online Right Now feature lets you see which of your matches are the most active on eharmony lately and most likely to respond to your messages. You’ll be able to tell if your match is online right now by the little green dot next to their picture.

How do I get more matches on eHarmony?

Ans-To get more matches on eharmony follow the below steps-

  1. Login into your account.
  2. At the top of the page, you should see the Matches tab.
  3. Click on it to view your Match Preferences.
  4. Click the “Search Criteria”.

Is eHarmony 2021 worth it?

Ans-eHarmony is an online dating site that claims to find a ‘perfect match’. But is it really worth paying for the service? After all, the success rate speaks for itself. In other words, you’re likely to find a perfect match on the dating site.

Can you see photos on eHarmony free weekend?

Ans-Can you see and check matches on a popular online dating service? No. The big catch here is that you can’t see anyone’s photos, and they can’t see yours either.


You might not be able to find a great profile picture that shows who you are, but it’s not too hard to ask a good friend to help out.

Your other photos can reflect various aspects of your life, like playing volleyball, your last vacation or a holiday photo. As mentioned above, the right profile picture is critical to your dating success.

It shows that you’re taking dating seriously and putting in effort.

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