How much does eHarmony cost and is it worth it { Updated Guide 2022 }

Lets Find out Now How Much Does Eharmony Cost And Is It Worth It: eHarmony offers a free membership option to those who sign up and want to communicate with other singles. So, how much does it cost to join eHarmony?

Well, that depends on how long your premium subscription is and what (if any) promotions are running at the time you sign up. To get yourself out there, there are some things you need to think about before you start throwing your money into online dating sites.

eHarmony Cost Per Month

A free “Basic Membership” doesn’t allow you to do much.

  • Receive unlimited matches (but without access to their photos).
  • Sending and receiving smiles, icebreakers and greetings.
  • Respond to the first message! Browse anonymously! See your recent activity! To view photos and enjoy unlimited messaging, you need to upgrade to a Premium Membership.

Premium Light – 6 months

This price can be easily seen on your monthly statement for any subscription costs $65.90 per month for a total cost of $395.40 (plus any applicable taxes).

You can split the total cost of your buy into a series of four, three, two, or one payment.

One thing to note – Your subscription automatically renews to a 1-year Premium Plus plan, but at the lightened monthly cost of the premium.

The total of $790.80 (plus tax) is split into four payments, unless you cancel the auto-renewal before your original membership expires.

Premium Plus – 1 year

1.A year-long eHarmony membership costs $45.90.

2.10 per month for a total of $550.80.

You can pay the entire amount upfront or in a series of up to 4 payments. Just like the Premium Light option, your subscription automatically renews for the 1-year plan unless you cancel it.

Premium Extra – 2 years

An eHarmony membership is good for 24 months with the same opportunity to pay for up to four monthly payments. This means the membership cost is only $35.90 per month.

It also auto-renews to a Premium Plus membership, but the monthly cost stays the same. If your subscription renews before you cancel it, you’d pay an extra $430.80.

Be sure to check your own site for membership sales, as you can get a significant discount on certain packages.

Premium eHarmony benefits are the same across all plans. Premium perks include:

  • Seeing who’s visited your site.
  • Unlimited messaging.
  • View unlimited pictures.
  • Filtering your matches.
  • Searching by distance.
  • Detailed personal profile.
  • Regularly updated matches.
  • Profile checks.

To cancel the auto-renewal on your eHarmony subscription if you purchased it online:

  1. Click on the down arrow on the portrait icon to view a drop-down menu.
  2. Click “Data & Settings.
  3. Next Click “Amend Subscription
  4. Click the link to start the cancellation of this subscription.
  5. Open the new site and follow the prompts through to the confirmation page.

If you’ve purchased eHarmony for iPhone or Android, you can disable the auto-renewal in the app. You’ll have to delete the app in the iTunes store if you want to get rid of the auto-renewal in the future.

Match VS eHarmony VS Elite Singles Cost Comparison

eHarmony frequently gets compared to and Elite Singles, as they are all considered “serious relationship” sites. They all offer a service that is affordable, easy to use, and can be customized to help users find their ideal match.

Is eHarmony Worth It?

This quick eharmony review will help you answer that question:

  • eHarmony generally attracts serious singles who are looking for love online. Online dating is one of the most cost effective and convenient ways to meet people.
  • A relationship is a connection, a bond between people. There’s no way to search the eHarmony database. You’re reliant on the algorithms the site uses to match you with someone. That’s great, but the real question here is how to find the best match, and that’s where Match comes in. By looking at the database of profiles, you’ll be able to find someone who is most like you.
  • You can’t sign up for a single month, and there are no free trial offers.

You can test your site for 3 days, but this is not the best.

This eHarmony free trial hack* lets you experience all the features:

  1. Find the best partner with eHarmony, including taking the free personality test.
  2. Sign up for a free trial.
  3. Check out your matches, and then explore all the features.
  4. If you don’t like the experience, cancel your subscription within 3 business days (excluding Sundays & holidays) and get a full refund.

eHarmony offers occasional free communication weekends, but that’s sporadic. The best way to start your search is to look now, rather than waiting until the next communication weekend.

Feeling Overwhelmed by Modern Dating?

Finding the right dating site is more than an online chore; it can take time to decide which of the thousands of potential choices suits your needs and personality. Creating your profile and sending messages can be confusing, with so many options.

If you’re not careful, you might end up getting overwhelmed. Whether you’re on eHarmony or Tinder, having a plan in place is important. The more you know about what to expect, the better equipped you will be to handle the unexpected.

The fact is, dating can be a very competitive arena. Even if you are only interested in dating people who are on the same level as you, there are a lot of people out there.

That means you need to log some serious time perfecting your profile, optimizing your strongest photo line-up and figuring out what messages get the highest response rate from incredible women.

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Frequently Asked Questions-

If your research on eHarmony has left you with any more burning questions, you may find this list helpful.

Q. Can you use eHarmony for free?

Ans-eHarmony does have a free service, although it’s not exactly a free trial. You can only access suggested matches and send smiley faces or a handful of pre-selected questions. While you can also view profile photos and access some advanced communication features, eHarmony is very limited in to its functionality.

The free version of the website offers more of a trial-and-error approach to determining whether not it is a good fit for your company. While the site does offer features like to its paid counterpart, it’s mainly used as a marketing tool that can be promoted to friends and family members.

Q. Does eHarmony work?

Ans-eHarmony is a web-based dating site that allows you to create an online profile in hopes of finding the person that is right for you.

We’ve made millions of matches over 20 years of business and we’re continuously improving our process. Check out our gallery to see how!

Q. Why is eHarmony so expensive?

Ans-eHarmony’s service delivers on what you pay for. The price point is a little high, but the site has helped thousands of couples find lasting relationships over the years. Everyone who uses the site is committed to finding love and that’s something we can all appreciate.

Q. Is it worth paying for eHarmony?

Ans-In my opinion, eHarmony is worth the price. It delivers on the promise you pay for, and if you aren’t satisfied with the site within three months, you’ll get another three months free.

Q. Can eHarmony be cancelled?

Ans-You can delete your eHarmony account entirely, or you can mute it for a while by making the profile invisible to others. But, if you’re in the middle of a paid subscription, you might need to contact customer service to delete your account.

Q. Does eHarmony have fake profiles?

Ans-eHarmony has been sued for allowing users to create fake profiles. It’s not a question of whether there are fake profiles, but rather the fact that a user is forced to have an account in to access the complete feature set.

Q. Does eHarmony do background checks?

Ans-eHarmony doesn’t do background checks per se, but it does create matches based on your individual compatibility. This means that you are unlikely to match with someone who would make you feel unsafe. Further, eHarmony has a strict behaviour policy and users who break the rules are removed from the service.

Repeat offenders can be permanently blocked from the service, and you can even individually hide other users that you are not interested to interact with.

Q. What age group is eHarmony for?

Ans-eHarmony is a great site for any adult, although the majority of its users are in the 25-34 age range. It has experienced a surge of younger and older users in recent years.

Q. Is eHarmony good for over 50 or seniors?

Ans-There are a sizable number of people in age groups over 50. 55+ is one of the under-represented groups, but given how many people use the service, you definitely still get a wide selection and a high chance for success within the under-represented groups.

Q. How reliable is eHarmony?

Ans-eHarmony is incredibly reliable terms of the likelihood of obtaining a good match. They are so confident in their service that if you do not find a match in three months, you get the next three months free. eHarmony is also consistent. It was recently updated with a fresh look and a new focus on quality, but the old system that has been working for over 20 years is still in use.

If you’re willing to sit back and let the system do what it’s best at, you’re very likely to find a successful match.

Q. Is eHarmony a safe dating site?

Ans-eHarmony makes safety one of its highest priorities. The dating process is slowed down to be sure that you trust the person you are communicating with before you exchange phone numbers or any other personal information.

It’s easy to see why you trust Facebook with your information, you can control the amount of information you share and who sees what. You can remove someone from your friends list if you want.

Is the LGBTQ community welcomed on eHarmony?

Ans-The addition of Compatible Partners was the culmination of years of planning and strategy for the eHarmony brand. In fact, the company had before made a conscious effort to expand beyond its original target market of heterosexuals.

It is not necessary that you cannot select both options on one account, so individuals who identify as bisexual or any other gender or sexuality besides that binary may not have as many options as they would like.

This is one of the main reasons that I think people are hesitant to use dating apps. The idea of getting matched with someone based on a common trait or interest is an extremely powerful one.


Based on the features, philosophy, and success metrics, I have to say that eHarmony’s subscription really delivers on its promise. It’s a great match for anyone. It’s true that the price charge is a little higher than other general service, but if you’re committed to settling down with someone, the price can be favour. Someone looking for a quick fling or a no-strings-attached relationship likely isn’t interested in paying the premium.

eHarmony is a premier service for dating with the intent to marry, and if that’s your goal, I can think of no better place to look. It can be a bit intimidating but they’ve got plenty of free trials available to get you started. At the end of the day, the factor that really convinces me, though, is that there is no fee associated with this service.

The eHarmony success story is well documented. If you want to join their lofty ranks, look no further than their free trial offer. You’ll learn about yourself while they try to help you find love. This online dating website offers its users a chance to decipher the mysteries of love and compatibility.

If you want to try eHarmony but feel like you don’t have enough time to wait for an answer, go ahead and use the free trial

But is a better choice for most users, as it has a larger user pool and gives you free reign of the data.

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