How To Cancel eHarmony Subscription? | Support: 1-888-712-0529

eHarmony is one of the leading online dating website. It was launched in the year 2000. eHarmony is a Los Angeles based website is California. Owned by a German mass media company, named ProSiebenSat.1 media.

This website helps you to find people who are interested in real relationships. It is not like those other websites with dating profiles that anyone can set up in just few seconds. eHarmony website offers you the best possible way to find out your perfect match. It allows you to use a compatible quiz which will help you to know about yourself and will pair you with matches who will be exactly the right fit for you. Its new and improved compatibility system shows better fits for your personality which will help you to improve your dating success rate and will increase your chances of forming a long- lasting relationship.

Although, eHarmony is a free dating website but you can also enjoy other features that the website offers its users by subscribing to the website. For starters you can try out a few free features of eHarmony website like, questionnaires, check out your matches, see who catches your eye etc.

Can I Get eHarmony Refund?

Basically the companies’ motive lies somewhere between no refund policies. eHarmony terms and policies states that all the payments are non-refundable, which includes your subscription money, coins and any other payment you make on the website.

But eHarmony refund policy states that you can get a refund on cancellation of your subscription, if you ask for it with in three business days of the signup. But also these advantages are limited to few states only, which include:

Arizona, California, Connecticut , Illinois , Lowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina , Ohio Rhode Island, Wisconsin . 

How to Cancel eHarmony Subscription?

Although eHarmony is compared with some other websites, it looks like that eHarmony offers more simple ways in order to cancel your eHarmony subscription. However, everything depends on the timing, as when you miss the time limit, then you have to make payment for the next period.

  1. Login to the eHarmony account.
  2. Now at the top bar tap on the Profile Icon
  3. Click on the “Account Settings” tab.
  4. Start looking for “Billing” option and tap on it
  5. Look for “Subscription Status” tab
  6. Now, in the below portion of the page click on the option ‘Cancel My Subscription’.

Then it will also cancel your renewal. But you will be permitted to use all the features till the subscription you made payment turns to end.

Cancelling eHarmony Subscription Via Letter:

There are few possible ways to get back your refund after cancellation and asking for a refund through a letter is one of its possible ways. You can easily ask eHarmony to give your remaining amount after cancelling the subscription as it is your right too, if you put up in a state which is eligible for a refund or which is eligible to give your amount back so you can cancel your subscription anytime within three working business days from signing up by sending a refund request letter to eHarmony customer care.

And somehow the company approves your request via letter then it is expected to receive the refund from eHarmony in 7 to 10 working days (It may take longer in some specific cases too). The refund will be sent or issued through the original payment methods.

Cancelling eHarmony Subscription Via Email:

 The second way to get your refund or you can say the remaining amount after cancelling your subscription is asking for a refund email. You can simply put a refund request via mail to eHarmony customer service support at com. (Remember that you should be living in the state where eHarmony refunds are issued). You should describe every single thing that you are cancelling your subscription, you need your refund, or why you need to cancel your subscription ?

And make sure that you include all your login data and the email address you used to sign up and the state specific stated in the terms of use.


Cancelling eHarmony Subscription Do Not Pay:

 The third way to get your refund back or the remaining amount back after cancelling your subscription is DO NOT PAY. This is said the easiest or instant way by most of our users as it speeds up the refund process by cancelling your account quickly it hardly takes two minutes for DO NOT PAY to cancel your subscription and proceed towards to get your refund or your remaining amount back. What you had to do is that just follow these simple step that are first you need to open DO NOT PAY in your web browser and then click on find hidden money and then the last enter eHarmony and your login details and the name of the service you are willing to cancel .

DO NOT PAY Will let You Now As Soon As Possible Your Subscription Gets Cancelled.

If you are still troubleshooting in Cancelling eHarmony subscription or getting your refund from eHarmony you must try to contact to eHarmony refund phone number. You can contact eHarmony for a refund by the eHarmony refund number 1-888-712-0529. The help desk of the eHarmony is often willing to assist you. You will be able to reach them on their mobile.

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