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eHarmony is one of the more popular dating platforms on the market. While its price point is attractive to find quality matches, there are people who feel the experience is a bit too expensive.

To cancel your eHarmony subscription, first log into your account, then click on the date and settings tab, and then “cancel my subscription.” Next, you will be prompted to enter a reason why you want to cancel.

You can get a free trial at and see what happens. If you like it, just keep paying.

How To Cancel An eHarmony Subscription

Cancelling your eHarmony subscription might seem difficult. The eHarmony website doesn’t make it easy to cancel for a reason; they want you to keep reminding them on the platform. If you do want to cancel, yet you can simply visit the site and cancel.

First, we’ll make sure to keep in mind that security is important, and use a phone number or other means of communicating with others on our team.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you’ll no longer have access to your matches’ contact information. And since your matches will no longer be able to reach you by phone, you may want to get in touch with them to tell them about your decision.

One of the worst feelings is letting someone down, or worse, seeing them left dangling with no information on what happens next.

For example, on eHarmony, people cannot actively search, match, or even like any other profiles unless they are a part of the subscription.

If you decide to cancel, you will need to resubscribe to access these basic functionalities. Last, if you decide to close your account, you will need to take the extensive compatibility test all over again.

It’s never fun to go through the process all over again, especially if it is after a long hiatus.

The compatibility test is a free tool that will help you determine whether your online dating account has been hacked or not.

But if you want to delete your profile, you’ll need to first go through the compatibility test. We recommend you really think about the consequences before you do so.

How To Cancel eHarmony On the Web?

If you decide to delete your profile from eHarmony, there are a few ways to do it.

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click on the down-arrow next to your profile picture in the top of the screen.
  3. Click “Data & Settings”.
  4. Click “Cancel My Subscription”.
  5. Enter your password to confirm cancellation.
  6. Read through all the fine print about cancelling your subscription.
  7. Confirm your cancellation It’s important to note eHarmony has locked you in for your remaining payments.

As eHarmony mentions on their support page about cancellations: Unsubscribing will stop automatic renewal. If you have questions about how this process works, contact eHarmony directly and they will provide some extra information and advice.

How To Cancel eHarmony On Mobile:

CancellingeHarmony is no different than how you would cancel any other online buy. To do so, you simply log into your account, click the link to cancel and follow the instructions to process the refund.

You may also see if your subscription is eligible for credit, depending on your credit card issuer. If you have any issues with mobile, eHarmony suggests that you contact Apple directly, as the dating site does not deal directly with mobile cancellations.

Contact the eHarmony Customer Support Team Via Email

If you are having difficulty cancelling a subscription on the website, you can also email the eHarmony customer service team.

Make sure to provide your account details so the agent can help you quickly. But it can take several days for a customer service agent to get back to you.

If you’re really close to automatic renewal, you need to take a few steps to avoid paying for your next renewal.

Help from Real People

We partner with a US-based company with live tech support experts available 24/7. Take advantage of a free trial membership to chat with an expert now.

Cancelling eHarmony Subscription Via Letter:

There are several ways that you can ask to get your money back after canceling your membership. You can mail eHarmony asking for your remaining balance after canceling the subscription, and they will most likely refund it.

If that doesn’t work, you can call their support line. In this case, be sure to ask for a cancellation refund, not a return of your money. You’ll have to provide some proof of purchase such as your credit card statement.

You may need to send a request to the company in order for them to approve the request. The company then has up to a 7-10 day deadline to make their decision. If they do not respond to your email, you may need to submit another request to the company for them to send you a refund.

Cancelling eHarmony Subscription Via Email:

The second way to get your refund is by contacting the eHarmony customer service department. They will send you a refund by mail, but if you live in a different state you may need to ask for a refund via phone.

You should be clear and concise when explaining why you want to cancel your subscription. Make sure that you detail everything in the process of cancelling.

Check Your Membership Status

  1. We recommend you check your membership status to ensure that it is cancelled. To view the membership status, follow these steps:
  2. Log into your eHarmony account.
  3. Click the drop-down menu above your profile picture.
  4. Click on the “Data & Settings.

With Auto-Renewal turned on, you may be charged before you are notified. You must cancel your membership before the end of the term to avoid charges.

This is found online, so make sure you get a web browser if you need to access this information. The only way to find your cancellation preferences is to access the data & settings menu.

Frequently Asked Questions-

How do I cancel my subscription to eHarmony?

Ans-The best way to cancel your eHarmony subscription

  1. Log into your eHarmony account.
  2. Click your name in the top right corner.
  3. Click ‘My Settings’ or ‘Account Settings’.
  4. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to ‘Cancel my Subscription.
  5. Complete the following steps to confirm.

Is it hard to cancel eHarmony subscription?

Ans-With eHarmony, you can cancel your subscription at any time – just log in, go to the ‘My Account’ page and click on the red ‘Cancel’ button.

How do I cancel my eHarmony 2021 subscription?

Ans-Cancel eHarmony online

  1. Log into your eHarmony account.
  2. Click on your profile in the top bar to get started.
  3. Select “Account Settings”
  4. Click on “Billing”.
  5. Scroll down to the “Subscription Status” section.
  6. Click on the “Cancel my subscription”
  7. Follow the instructions.

How do I cancel my eHarmony subscription and get a refund?

Ans-Requesting an eHarmony refund via an Email-

If you haven’t yet subscribed to eharmony, do so by sending an email to subscriptions@eharmony.

Can you cancel eHarmony after 1 month?

Ans-Yes, you can cancel your membership to eHarmony after 1 month. The company will send an email reminder of your upcoming renewal date before it expires.

Can you cancel eHarmony’s 12-month plan?

Ans-You can turn off your account’s automatic renewal feature by going to your subscription settings and adjusting the time between billing cycles. If you do so, your subscription will expire at the end of its term.

Once your subscription expires, you will lose the ability to view your matches’ photos and send messages to them.


If you’re unsure whether eHarmony is right for you, don’t make the decision before you’ve taken time to really consider if it’s for you.

Your profile is one of your most important assets, so it’s always good to make sure that you’re doing everything possible to keep it up to date. We know you were upset with how difficult it was to find love on eHarmony, but it’s actually a pretty good app!

It can take weeks or months to find quality matches. The patience that it takes to make someone fall for you is the same patience it takes to create the type of love you want.

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