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As we all know that Ourtime is an online dating platform, which help their user to find a match and date some one. Our time is an online dating website mostly for the elderly people near about 50s, 60s or elder than that and its been years Ourtime is serving at their best and most of the customers or users are very much happy with the our time services but in some cases there are users which may look for how do I cancel my Ourtime membership, due to some reasons these users may had come to this decision of cancel Ourtime membership and honestly there is nothing big to deal with, it is the right of every user of Ourtime to cancel the subscription any time the user wants too. Here in this article we will let you know how to cancel ourtime membership or how to unsubscribe from ourtime.

How to Cancel Ourtime Subscription?

There are a lot of users which are really very much satisfied by the services of ourtime and there are also few users which are not satisfied up to mark from ourtime services so in this case these if the user wish to unsubscribe from ourtime then the user can do it from anywhere any time and here is how to do that  in just few easy and simple steps;

The user just needs to follow these below easy mentioned steps:

  1. The very first thing user needs to do is that the user needs to log in to their ourtime account.
  2. Now directly go to the settings which will be in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Now be care full while selecting my account from the drop down menu.
  4. Select the account status and after that click on the view account status link to see whether the status updated or not.
  5. Now after all these steps the user needs to on the more account status changes link.
  6. And then in the last but not the least click on the remove automatic renewal option.

After following all these steps care fully you can check your account status, the user can go to the settings and check that will credit card be automatically charged in future or not because the user had already stopped the auto renewal option of membership of ourtime thus in the end you can here cancel your ourtime membership or subscription. hence you cancelled your subscription of ourtime and now if the user is looking for ourtime refund can easily put a request to the ourtime and the remaining amount of the subscription or of the membership plan will be adjusted in the future or it will be refunded within 48 working hours.

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How to Unsubscribe from Ourtime And Get Refund?

In an order to cancel the subscription from ourtime the user can cancel or unsubscribe from ourtime at any time at any moment and our time feels that it is the right of each and every user to do whatever they wants too, so in case the user needs to cancel the ourtime subscription and need the refund from ourtime then the user may go a ahead, here below are few easy and simple steps to cancel or unsubscribe from ourtime membership and get refund, the user just needs to follow these steps carefully:

  1. Need to visit the settings tab: So in the very first step the user needs to to the tab on the settings option and then click to open settings which will be situated at the top right corner of the display.
  2. Select the my account section: After completing the very first step the user needs select my account section from the drop down menu list and yes be very very careful in following these steps.
  3. Account status: Ok now after selecting the account settings from the drop down menu the user needs to scroll down and then locate the account status button.
  4. View account: Now the user needs to click on the view account status which will automatically displayed in front of the screen.
  5. More account status option: In the very next step the user needs hit the link which will be on the more account status changes for cancellation.
  6. Remove automatic renewal: Now in the last but not the least the user needs to select the tab on remove automatic renewal and now the cancellation of ourtime subscription may take place or you can say it like cancellation of ourtime membership account will get processed now.
  7. Refund: For refund the user can simply put a request to the customer care of ourtime or can easily select the refund option in the my account section after cancellation of ourtime subscription.


So, if the user had followed each and every step carefully and thoroughly with out even skipping any step then he might be able have success in cancel the ourtime subscription and get refund, but if in some cases the users after following these steps are not even to cancel the ourtime subscription still then these users may come to the customer service of ourtime where all the queries and questions are solved regarding ourtime, and the controllers sitting at the customer care panel are quite helpful, kind and informative so they will definitely find a way to your problem or an possible answer to your question or query.

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