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How to Cancel/Unsubscribe Your Subscription from Plenty Of Fish (POF)?

It will be hard for us to know and for our website to see you go since plenty of fish has millions of subscribers, so you should think twice before planning to Unsubscribe or Cancel your POF subscription. Canceling your subscription will not delete your account/profile from the plenty of fish, if in the future you wanted to subscribe to the subscription you can easily subscribe to that again.

Rather than other dating websites, you can also pause your subscription on plenty of fish instead of canceling your subscription. The most common reason to cancel the subscription, which is given by many of the users is that they wanted to delete their account/profile, so they can also get a refund back of the days which are pending of the subscription.

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Once the subscription is canceled then the user won’t be able to access every feature of our app or website. There are only very few users which want to cancel or unsubscribe from their POF subscription. As one out of seven things is to unsubscribe or cancel their paid membership. Plenty of fish and their team tries their best to provide the best enjoyment or leisure to their users.

If still a user wants to unsubscribe or cancel his or her membership from plenty of fish he can, as it is the right of every user, and yes the subscription or the membership is paid but whenever a user cancels his or her paid membership the remaining amount will be refunded soon or one can also choose to adjust the remaining amount in future.

Few Common Reasons For Cancelling a POF Subscription Or Membership

There are some common reasons due to people canceling their POF subscriptions.

1. Not in Control

In our day-to-day life, we do many things like getting vegetables from the supermarket or cooking food or just spending some time with ourselves just to utilize the free time, but if you are doing nothing and continuously swiping right and left on any of the dating apps/websites keeping plenty of fish aside.

And waiting for a match so that you can date someone or waiting to have some hook-ups, using the app/website continuously for hours simply indicates that the person is addicted to that, the person himself should take a long break or should use the website/app in a proper manner and should give time to other things.

2. Feel’s Like a Full-Time Job

Sometimes the user gets very serious about dating, the person starts his day by using the dating app/website and ends the day the same as well. The users somehow get time from their busy schedule for operating the dating app/website daily, which makes a day-to-day routine for the person to use the dating app in search of a partner or in search for a hook-up or to date someone.

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The user feels more attracted towards these online dating platforms which keep the person aside from his personal life and make him feel like the user is doing a full-time job from home for which he won’t be paid even.

3. Need a Break

Sometimes using a dating website or a dating application becomes a headache for the persons around you as they don’t know what’s going on in your mind. The user is not able to take out some time for their friends or family and the person watching this gets irritated a bit and asks the person to spend some time with them also.

At this point of time the person who is busy swiping right and left so that he finds a match and can date someone need a break from these dating websites/applications.

Benefits Of Plenty Of Fish (POF) Subscription

However, this online dating website of ours is free of cost but people say paying for them is worth the money. It should be kept in mind that subscribing to plenty of fish will not in any way help you to get any closer to your match. Here is some benefits plenty of fish offer to their subscribers.

Benefits Of Subscribing to Plenty Of Fish:

1. Benefit of seeing who swiped right for you first: It will help you to get out of your comfort zone. In this way you will be able to know who swiped right first, is it you are or your match so that if you wish to make a commitment to someone, you already know whether they are interested or not.

2. Unlimited swipes: Subscription offers you unlimited swipes. The more you swipe, the higher are your chances of matches.

3. Location change: This feature allows you to change your location. In this way, if you are headed on a trip or vacation somewhere else, you can start finding matches there before you reach there.

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Steps to Unsubscribe/Cancel POF Subscription

  1. The very first thing you need to do is that login to your account from a computer.
  2. Then go direct to my account or profile settings. (You can go to my account/profile by clicking your profile photo which will be on the top right-hand corner of your screen).
  3. Then click on manage my subscription.
  4. Remember that you will be asked to confirm your login details and you need to confirm your login details and then click on continue cancellation.
  5. Of course, a few questions will be asked from you as feedback for us, like why are you canceling the subscription or are you facing any issue from our side.
  6. Ensure that you click to complete the renewal cancellation until you see your cancellation confirmed.
  7. Now the last and final step is to click on return to go back to the website and you could easily see the end date of your subscription.

One thing you make sure of is that you also receive the confirmation email we send.

Hence, your subscription to plenty of fish is canceled.

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So, these are the few ways, by which you can cancel your POF subscription easily.

Note: You can also pause your subscription instead of canceling it.

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