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What Do You Mean By Primary Photo?

Primary photo or also know as display picture or the profile picture.

Which usually describes your personality according to your profile picture? Your primary photo should include a good and gentle view of your face which is big enough for potential matches to see you face. You have not choose your profile photo or primary photos then the match. will automatically set a primary photo to your profile from your secondary photos. You can upload nearly 26 photos in your profile as 26 is the limit but we highly recommend uploading your primary photo.

The Way Your Photo Appears

Your Primary photo is the most visible aspect of your Match profile. So, it will appear everywhere on your profile including profile displays, messages, search results and full profile view.

Guidelines For Posting Your Primary Photo

A good photo can really make your profile look better, so we recommend you to post as many photos as you can. Users must know that at present we have a limit to upload 26 photos in total. If you have uploaded all the 26 photos and you want to upload a new one, for that you will have to delete one of the previous photos.

To keep a clean, attractive and appropriate atmosphere on the website we have to reserve the right to crop or reject photos. Your photos will appear on the website only after the approval.

Following can be the reasons your photos could be rejected:

  1. Nudity, sheer or see-through clothing pictures will be rejected.
  2. Copyrighted images will be rejected.
  3. Drawings, caricatures or illusions will be rejected.
  4. Photos showing identifying information i.e. license photo, email photo, visible street address photos will be rejected.

A perfect primary photo:

  • Your primary photo must include a good and clear view of your face. So that It is clearly visible to the potential matches.
  • Try to upload a picture of you alone, there should be no one else in your primary photo other than you.
  • If you upload a picture which is taken from fare away, we will help you to make a thumbnail of the picture just showing your face. The full size photo will be still available on your profile.
  • Even if a photo has a clear view of your face, it might still be too small to be a primary photo.
  • Image files must be received in an approved format (example: jpg. Bmp, gif) and should be large then 100kb and less than 5mb.

How To Upload Your Primary Photo?

  1. The very first thing to do is that you should log in to your match account and then select the photo thumbnail which comes on the navigation bat which is on the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on add image or add primary photo at the top of your profile and you can scroll down your to upload the photos you wish.
  3. After choosing your picture from your gallery you can easily select the picture and upload as a primary photo in your profile. Note your primary photo will also be visible to other users who will come across your profile or your account.

Importing Photo From Facebook

To upload your Primary photo from Facebook, you will be asked for your Facebook username and password. Simply, you just have to select the photo you want to upload as your primary photo from your Facebook album. After selecting the photo, tap on “Upload”.

You must be worried about one thing, will your match profile will be visible on Facebook if you uploaded your Primary photo from Facebook?

Don’t you worry, we understand that your privacy is important. Your match profile will not be visible to any of your friends on Facebook and nothing will be posted to your timeline without your knowledge.

Importing Photo From Instagram?

Users can also upload their photo from Instagram account. You will be asked to enter your Instagram username and password, after ending that you can simply select the photo you want to upload. Once you select the photo, tap on “Upload”.

Just like Facebook anything will not be visible to your Instagram friends. They will not know about your match profile.

What If My Primary Photo Is Not Visible Even After Uploading?

If your photo is not still appearing on your profile even, if you uploaded it successfully, then it might be still be pending for approvals by the website, or maybe it was not approved. You must visit your profile page to see whether the photo is still pending for approvals or not. In case your photo was not approved, you should have received a email with more detailed explanation of why it was not uploaded. Read the email carefully, keep in mind the guidelines you have violated and make sure it is not repeated next time you upload your Primary photo.

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