How to Get Out of Her Friend Zone: Make Her Fall For You

Why can’t she be completely yours? Imagine you start a conversation with a girl but after sometime passes by you realize that she is not completely into you. It is because of the thing called Friend Zone. Many people think that this kind of thing does not exist, but it does specially for boys. Boys generally feel that they have been friend zoned by the girl whom they want to date in future.

How do boys feel if they are Friend Zoned by a girl? Well for anyone weather a boy or a girl it is not easy to be in the friend zone. It is really very frustrating and annoying at times. It makes people confused and very hurt to be in this kind of situation. Boys keep asking themselves that, “Why can’t she see that he is the one who is always there for her no matter what the situation is?” All the time she says only one this that, “Why can men be like you?” this makes the situation even worse and more frustrating for boys.

How Can You Know that You Are Entering the Friend Zone?

1. Do You Have a Pet Name?

Nowadays people use cute nick names to call each other by in a relationship. But make sure that you don’t have nick names like “best bud”, “brother”, “bestie”, “poo head” or anything like that which makes you feel like you are just a friend.

2. Are You Her “Shopping Buddy”?

Generally men hate shopping; they do not go shopping with a woman unless she is her wife or girlfriend. Women just take men to shopping to carry things which they buy or selects for themselves outside the trial rooms. They will never let you choose anything you will just be with them as a helping hand. So, if you go shopping with her she will thing you are just being nice to her as you like to do things for her, “You are being a good friend”.

3. Does She Set You Up With Other Women?

If the girl advices you to date another woman or she says “This girl will be perfect for you” that means she doesn’t see you in a romantic way or as her boyfriend. If she is into you she will never advice you to go after another girl.

4. Does She Cries in Front Of You For Her Ex Boyfriends?

It means that you are just a shoulder to cry on for her. She shares with you everything because she is most comfortable and open with you, but it makes it even worse if she does not know about what you feel for her. And her crying in front of you for other guys may hurt you even more.

Reasons Why are You Stuck in the Friend Zone?

  • You are a little too available for her: being available for someone is good but being too much available is not a good thing, this is a common mistake guys make with girls. You are already her always buddy, these are the guys who are mostly friend zoned by girls. Because girls mostly thing that being in a relationship with her guys best friend will ruin the friendship and comfort ability level with him.
  • You think you are not a good guy for her: this automatically low downs the self-confidence and chances to be in a relationship with the girl. You will always set back on trying and talking to her about your feelings.
  • You are scared to lose her: sometimes you develop such a connection and bond with the girl that you start having second thoughts about being in a relationship with her. You are just worried that this whole relationship thing is even going to destroy your bond and you will lose her. But deep down you still have feelings for her and this will start hurting you.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone and Become a Friend?

Always keep in mind that the Friend Zone is not the end of the world, you can still turn things around and make her your girl. So be confident and start working your way out of the friend zone.

1. Make Yourself a Priority and Stop Being Always Available for Her

The one thing that guys forget to do is to priorities themselves. That is expected as you are in love and you want the person you love to be happy always no matter what they want, do not be too much available for her. Keep yourself respect make sure if you are always there for her than at you are in her in her priorities list. That she consider and appreciate you availability as much you deserve. Make sure she also knows about your life and problems and that matters to her, don’t be a hero. Being too ignorant about yourself and only thinking about her is what makes boys to be in a friend zone. She should also respect your feelings, make sure that the efforts you are making matters to you. Let her crave for those things, so that she knows exactly what she wants.

2. Be Unpredictable and Make Yourself Scarce

Don’t act boring, give her a reason to think about you, to be with you and make her realize that you are the perfect guy for her. If you do the same thing again and again, if you do not share about your life and focus on hers only this will make her lose interest in you. And then do not expect her to date anytime soon. Just keep your conversations exciting so that she considers dating you.

3. Tell Her How You Feel

Make your intentions clear from the very beginning, and be clear that you see her more than a friend. If you end up confessing her at a bad time this can make her feel uncomfortable and she will think that all these things you were doing were just because you wanted to be in a relationship with her. Tell her that you really like her and you both will be great together.

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