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You can say the match had left you over or got attracted to someone else. So how to know about that? Firstly, you should never give a reason to someone to move on. The actually meaning of move on in real life is quite similar in online life too. if a person is online and not replying to your texts, or not trying to reach you or had blocked you or removed you from his/her profile.

If you were having a conversation for months with the user you have matched with and suddenly the conversation stops and your bond started to get weaker.

Then man that situation may hit you hard or can pull you down but my friend, it’s a big thing to deal with it can easily be handled and you can easily search for another person to match with, and it is not that tough to find a match on eHarmony, many singles are waiting for a match they keep on swiping day night to get a match and fulfil their dream to be in a relationship.

And yes the user had moved on you can wait for some time for the user as you guys were sharing a strong bond but if waiting does not worth it, then you should also move on. you may try again to reach out that person again and again but that would be a waste of time, if that user had really moved on then the user won’t give you a single show even.

So its better to move on and show that user that you also did not cared about that and went in search of another match as it is right of every user to do what ever he wants to, but it should not be a crime.

Whenever you got to know that the person you were talking with had moved on then there is no need to panic one should handle the situation decently and calmly instead of bothering everyone or getting low or trying to harm yourself. You should keep trust on eHarmony we do let have a match soon and you should not give any reason to your match to move on.

Reasons Why Someone Gets Moved On

  1. Fake profile: Sometimes what happens is that the person you have got a match on eHarmony or any other online dating platform had a fake profile and had uploaded wrong data and wrong pictures too. Then in that case why would a person will be connected to that fake profile whatever the bond is but it is all fake and had to keep all things aside and had move on.
  2. Investment: The very important role of a relationship is investment of time, efforts, emotions. Somehow the person you were dating or had a match with is not showing any investment and is busy all the day not have enough time to talk even, this will eventually loosen your bond and the last one should have to move on.
  3. Communication: Communication which is an a really important thing of every relationship. A understandable coversersation will also make your bond stronger, but lacking in communication not able to communicate on daily basis will loosen your bond and will eventually leads to move on for the one.
  4. Trust: One of the best and also an important thing of a relationship is trust. many of us had already faced breakups or betrayal just because of having trust issues.

Your bond should be this much strong that you guys understand each other a lot and do not have any useless trust issues. One should be trustworthy, honest, loyal all the time, without all this the match you got wont work and will stop at a bad end and in result the one will move on.

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