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So today we will be talking about an important query How to know if someone blocked you on Match.

Questions that come in the mind of the users related to this topic: why people block someone? What will happen after someone has blocked me?

How can I know if someone blocked me on Will my messages disappear after I block someone? Can I still contact the person I blocked in future? Is there any possibility that the person I blocked can still find me? And so on.

So, firstly we see, why peoples block someone on Match?

Why Peoples Block Someone on Match? Reason to block

A block can feel like a slap in the face, and sometimes that is exactly what it intends to feel like. Otherwise, it may be a just standard post-breakup move.

Say, for example, You match with a person on the website you both start talking, and for some or other reason you start thinking that it is going somewhere. You two begin to discuss your likes and dislikes. Suddenly, that person offends you in some way and you just want to finish the conversation with him/her. There may be plenty of reasons for which you might want to get rid of that person. You can tell them you are not interested normally, but if they are not deterred then your only option is to block that person.

But this is not the main concern, people must be wondering: can you see if you are blocked or not? After all, you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings like this; you just want that person not to bother you anymore.

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Match?

If you enter your profile and notice that some of your messages are disappeared? Well, it is a sign that your account has been blocked. Users must know that the person will never be notified if he/she has been blocked by you or not.

The reason behind this is only that we need to take care of your privacy so the person you blocked or unmatched will never be notified that he/she has been blocked by you.

So you can freely block as many people you want and explore near you as many options to find your perfect match. Likewise, if you have been blocked or unmatched by someone will not draw your attention towards it which according to us is the best as we don’t want to go around hurting the feelings of our users.

However, once you choose to block or unmatched someone will ask you to provide a reason why you want to block or unmatch that individual?

Reasons can be: Sending unappreciated messages? It’s spam? Unauthorized user? Pretending to be someone else? Inappropriate photos?

You can also select “No Reason “because we totally understand if someone is making you uneasy or uncomfortable, you don’t necessarily need a reason to block that individual.

Users must know that though, your match will never receive any written indication about he/she being blocked by you, but there is a possibility that they may know or can figure it out.

Whenever you will block someone on you both will be immediately removed from each other’s match list and you both won’t be able to send messages to each other anymore.

It may just confuse that individual about what really happened and there is a possibility that he/she might figure it out very easily.

Will My Message Disappear After Blocking Someone on Match?

According to blocking is a permanent action, which makes it very clear that you don’t want that individual to bother you anymore.

Keep in mind your chats and all the messages with that individual will automatically disappear after blocking him/her. Which may also make it easier for them to figure out that you have blocked him/her.

Your profile will also not be visible to that individual. He/she will not be able to search your profile or send you messages. Likewise, that individual’s profile will not be visible to you.

Can I Find the Profile I Blocked in Future Again On Match?

If you accidentally block or unmatched someone (or if someone blocked or unmatched you) you should know that you can still find that person (or that person can still find you) as you are swiping through your possible matches.

So, there is a chance that in the future you can again contact that individual whom you blocked accidentally or just if you want to contact him/her again.

How Can You Check If Someone Blocked You on

These are the few ways that can help you to know whether someone blocked you or not:

  • The first sign to look for is to try to search for that person’s profile. If you are blocked you will not be able to open that person’s profile.
  • Try sending a message to that person if your messages are not being delivered and all your conversations disappeared, which means you have been blocked.

Mentioned above are the only ways to know whether someone has blocked or unmatched you on As we have to make sure about the privacy and personal choice of the user we can offer only these ways to know have someone blocked you or not.

That is why we advise you to think twice before blocking someone. Keep in mind that blocking is not the same as being muted or snoozed by someone.

Hope your query has been resolved and you got your answer of how do you know you’re blocked on the match. If you have still any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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