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How to tell if a girl likes you at work? You may have fantasized about your love life at work that you and your partner work together. We have also seen it in movies, read about it in the books and listened about it from other person. Well, it’s the time to make that dream come true. You may have seen the girl at your work place,  you want to know about her, whether she likes you or not. So, we are here to tell you about this, help you to make your fantasy come true.

Every relationship has it’s pros and cons, perhaps, your relationship ship will come out long lasting by which your work may get better and productive we all know that doing work with your loved ones makes it easy and interesting for us or perhaps, it won’t work out and you may face each other at work, things may get hard for both of you. It all depends on you and how you make your relationship working.

Now, figuring out that the girl at your work place likes you or not is not a piece of cake. Sometimes, it may get confusing to you and because of it’s confusing you are here reading about this. When you pay close attention, you will get the clues about her that does she like you or not. We are here to tell you about those clues which will help you to find out that the girl at your work place likes you or not.

8 Sign On How To Tell If A Girl Likes You At Work

1. She Acts Indifferent Initially

It is a believed notion of people that if a guy is likes you, he acts indifferent at first. Some would even consider that behaviour rude and inconsiderate and while this turns out to be true in most cases, who’s to say that it doesn’t work the other way around as well? For similar reasons and many more women also tend to act indifferent at first mainly because girls want to show you that they are unbothered and want you to be the one to notify them first.

Many girls do this because they are shy, nervous or maybe lack of confidence to talk to the guy at first. Or else, she don’t want to show you that she is not the one who will fall for you like other girls. What she want is to you to take the hints and make the first step towards her.

2. The Short Stolen Glances

When you know that somebody is glancing over at you and you can sense it because of your peripheral vision. So, what is peripheral vision? If you don’t know it is the indirect vision or the side vision; all that is visible outside the central area of focus.

So, if you want to know that girl likes you or not at work? Just keep a lookout for those short stolen glances at you.

3. The Smile

Smile, well smile is magical when it’s from heart, we all know this. So why do people smile? It is because when we are happy we smile. Smiles are the honest mark of happiness. So, if she smiles while looking at you a more often than it might because she got a crush on you. You are what makes her happy, so she smiles.

4. Body Language

Body language says a lot about the person. When a girl has taken an interest in you, she is also interested in anything and everything that you have to say and share. If you want to know how to tell if a girl likes you at work, simply notice whether or not she leans her body in and tilts her head in your direction while conversing with you.

The light touching of your arm, the accidental brushing of your shoulders and even gently punching your arm or placing her hand on your leg. If a girl likes you, she will try to get physically closer to you and touch you. Take this as a direct hint. A direct hint that states that she is totally interested in you.

5. The Hysterical Laughing

We all tells jokes, well if you are at office and you tells a joke then keep a look on that girl that how she reacts to your jokes. Well if she laughs like there’s no tomorrow and make you look back to your joke that is it that funny. Then congratulations, you got the biggest hint. The girl who likes you will always laugh hard at your bad jokes also. Isn’t it funny and cute? Well yes it is.

6. The Extra Mile

Now, what you have to look is that who goes for you extra mile.

Does anyone stand out? Does anyone put in extra effort and does anyone go that extra mile to get your attention? Is there someone who wears yellow a lot more often just because you mentioned that it’s your favourite colour? Or has begun leaving their hair down now because you mentioned that’s how you like it? .Keeping an eye out and paying attention to the details is very important if you want to know how to tell if a girl at work likes you.

7. The Extra Care

Just the way she goes for an extra mile for you , she will also go for the extra care only for you. She may drops in a message asking if you’re okay the day you miss work. She may splits her lunch with you the day you were running late and couldn’t pack one of your own. The girl who makes you a cup of coffee when she gets up to make hers on those late nights. That’s the girl you need to keep a lookout for.

8. Opinions

She will ask you for your opinions mostly and it doesn’t matter whether it’s about her professional life or personal life. She wants to know your opinions and what she values. This is also one of the biggest hint.

Well I hope after reading this you got all the hints about whether the girl likes you at work or not and you have got your answer of how to tell if a girl likes you at work. Just drop your opinion about these tips on comment section.

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