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How to tell if POF account Was deleted? – The plenty of fish is one of the largest online dating website which is also available in the form of application. It has more than 10 million members.

It has billions of page view every month, and more then 3 million of members having millions of conversation every month and are in a perfect relationship for months.

It can help you to chat, share pictures, and  if the things are really matching such as thoughts, you can even fix a date with your partner of your match.

It is serving all its active members, it has been trying to give the best and try to solve the issues that an active member may encounter while using POF.

It comprises of all sort of people around the world for different countries, wither you are looking for a casual friend, or a casual date or a serious relationship, you can use POF for every type of relationship  you are willing for.

The mobile application comprises of a push notifications for your convenience and have a number of configurable settings.

The most amazing feature of application is that you can browse single person nearby your location.

How To Detect That Your Account Is Deleted?

There can be many signs to detect that your account is deleted or not, but the simplest and the most common way to know is by a sudden disappear of activity on you profile, if it is so then it mans that your account is deleted.

OR, you can say in other words that no one will be able to see or there is no way of reaching your profile. There is no other way of detecting that POF has deleted your account or not.

Although other users can tell that your account has been deleted or not, here are the steps:-

  • Go to username search page.
  • Search username.

If your profile shows up in the search results, then enjoy because you account has not been deleted. But, if your profile doesn’t shows up then unfortunately, you account has been deleted by the plenty of fish.

In other words, if your profile picture and username doesn’t appear in the search results then the POF has decided to delete your account.

Why Would POF Deleted Your Account?

There is no specific reason that why POF has deleted your account other then the violation of the rules, you have violated the rules or the specific conditions set by the POF, so they have decide to delete your account.

POF wants a friendly environment for their members, if one violates their rules or disturb the friendly environment, they have to delete their account. Some of the reasons are listed here that why would POF delete your account:-

You Have A Spouse

As the POF is dating website for those who are single, if  the POF discovered that you are married then it will immediately delete your account, so that no one gets betrayed by married person.

You Are Only Interested In Casual Sex

POF is clearly against of those who want to use this website for only sex relationships. If the POF finds out that you are only interested in sex, then the POF will immediately delete your account without any consideration.

You Are Impolite To Other

If you are not polite to others, or you are talking rudely with others. Sending them obscene photos, and you are used to get blocked by everyone, no matter whom you are chatting, then POF will likely to delete your account right away.

Also, you must not do any kind of discrimination against sex, race, sexual orientation, disability, etc. The breaking of this rule can cost you your profile deletion.

You Post Inappropriate Images

Another thing that POF strictly prohibit is posting of inappropriate images on your profile.

If you still decide to post inappropriate images on your profile, other users will flag you and the cutting edge software of POF will find your profile and at last delete it permanently for no other issue to occur.

Operating From A Country Where POF Doesn’t Operating

Even tough the plenty of fish is constantly trying to enter new markets or operate at new countries.

But, if you try to login for a country where POF doesn’t operate will lead you in deletion of your account.

Other Activities Which Will Lead In Deletion Of  Your Account

There may many other reasons then those which are listed above can also lead in the deletion of your account, some of them are:

  • Spamming
  • Scamming
  • Soliciting a business
  • Being a fake person
  • Don’t be reckless on plenty of fish

To enjoy on plenty of fish you don’t have to be reckless. This will only end up at deletion of your account.

If you are following the rules of POF and creating a friendly environment for all of the members of POF, not only it will help you to hold your account for a longer time without any loss, also it will allow you to meet more fascinating people of your interest.

Can You Restore A POF Deleted Account?

Having an option to restore your deleted account would be a miracle, but at this point of time plenty of fish is not enable this option.

However, plenty of fish can change their mind in future and probably let everyone restore their deleted account.

Currently, if unfortunately you delete your account or it is deleted by the your misuse of your profile whatever the way it is deleted it cannot be restored again.

The best thing that you can do is just opening a new account and start building it from the basics or the starting, from where you have probably started a while ago.

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