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No matter what online dating platforms people use, there is only one thing that the user should be concerned about which is that to know about active status of match whichever  online dating platform you use, most of the users choose not to show active status to other users as they love to keep their privacy or wanted to keep thing private. Besides finding profiles of the users attractive you got a match with which also means you swiped right for each other, this is also an important thing to be kept in mind of every user that to start a conversation. It will be great for some of the users if online dating websites or online dating applications let you know exactly for how long users have been active. So I will tell you in this article about a general question Green Circle Meaning.

Note you can only know about the activity status of only that user you have got match with.

All About Green Circle

Recently or a few years back, made a change by labelling or showing the activity status of users which are registered to their website or their application, colour coordinated the green colour is kept because it highlights and can also be seen even placed at a corner without making your eyes keen. offers its users to have a look at active status of the users. But, a very important which is to be noted that this option is only available for the users which have already subscribed to the website or our application. Users which are registered for free won’t be able to access  this feature of

What Does Green Circle Represents?

Green circle or the green dot which appears to the top right corner of the profile of the user you are having a conversation with or you can say it also appears on side of the user profile. This helps to show that people who have been recently active or online are the ones who are quite dedicated or seriously looking for a connection or for a match and are continuously swiping right and left so that they can date someone to or to score some random hook-ups or to full fill their desires.

This makes it more or very obvious that users , who are active or online  a lot are looking for a real relationship or to have a partner in their life.

If there is a solid green circle next to someone’s username, it means that they have been active or online in the last 24 hours.

If there is an empty  green circle or a green dot next to the username of the person, it means they have not logged into for months or for weeks.

On, if you do not log into your account of for months or for weeks then your account will automatically goes into hibernation mode. You can still log into your account or to your profile, but other users will not be able to see your activity status for the next sixty days, you log in next time and you are continuously active on our website or on our application then team will be notified and you will start showing your green circle or you your activity status to other users.

How To Hide Your Green Circle Or Green Dot On

Or how to hide your online status on, so the very first thing is to do is that log in to your match account then select the profile icon which comes on the very first screen of your phone or computer, then select on the gear icon which occurs on the top of your profile page. below the profile visibility option and then select the visibility you like to switch on for your profile, if you wanted to show your active status the you can switch it on or if you don’t wanted to show your activity status you can easily switch it off . as it is the right of every user to keep things private. you can choose the options visible, hidden, or private mode. The moment you select the new visibility option the change will be done immediately, as per your preference. There are some features of which can only be used when you have purchased a subscription plan for

Hence the green circle which appears on the username of the user is the active status if the user.

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