How to Login To Your Account | Match Login | Support: 1-888-712-0529 is one of the most popular dating site, it is also well known for creating a perfect match for two souls. Over a million of users are currently using this site. Millions of people are making meaningful conversation everyday with the one who matches their thinking. But before that there are many things many people even don’t know how to use it or even how to login You don’t have to worry about the login process.

In this article, you will get to know how to login, and the things or problems you might encounter while logging into

Where Is Login Located?

If you are new to you might wonder what to do next, you don’t have to worry a lot because it is simplest to locate the login menu, as it is located at the upper right corner of the main page of

If you have logged in the you can simply sign in, the sign in option is located at the corner of the page.

How To Login into

Here are the steps for you to login to, follow these steps to create an account:

Choose A Username For Yourself

To use you are supposed to decide a username for yourself, it can be of your choice mostly people write their real names, which is pretty effective for a decent profile. Although many people gets creative for their usernames they you the usernames which represents their personality, or for any other reason.

Whatever you choose for your username choose it wisely, not the ones form 2012 such as ‘sexydud9’ no one will think of dating someone with this username. If you don’t want to write your real name, just write something more relevant to your Nature.

Choose Photos For Your Profile

If you are thinking of getting a perfect person for you without any photos, you are not supposed to be here, it is site where you have market yourself to everyone to get a perfect partner. Also if you are thinking of posting two or three selfies of yours, you are probably kidding, as you have to catch the eyes of others you just can’t limit it to two or three photos.

As the Is the number-1 website for dating there are a ton of people who are competing with you for potential date. You have to show everyone that you are serious for potential date. You have to take your profile seriously and post everything relevant to your nature.

Craft Your Own Story

Now as have done the basics you have to cone to the most important part of your profile, ‘tell me about yourself’ section.

Wither you  got it or not but now you have entered the real competition with millions of other users for the attention of your perfect partner. You have to make the first and the best Impression so that you can connect to as much people as possible.

Think of it as your last chance and just right about yourself ‘what makes you unique’ or what makes you ‘you’, what are you? Just don’t be a boring person and don’t write something completely opposite to your personality.

Also don’t write the good old ‘I have no idea what to say or what to write about myself’ although it is an honest line, but its not what people are here to see, come up with something creative.

Just Take The Membership

Many people in the world are willing to join sites like and want to get the best partner for their life without investing any effort into their profile.

Unfortunately, it is not the case, there are millions of people who are using this site for free, and you will get lost like a needle in bunch of hay.

There are many sites which have a reasonable price for a membership, which include It is going to cost you just less then $20 a month if you take a three or six month subscription, and you can even find many discount and even a free month trial online, you can spent a decent amount of money on your coffee and cakes, can’t you spend it on your love, which will be your life partner.

Be The Real And Don’t Take Things Personally

Never forget that you are dating online, you have a single profile among the sea of the millions, there are some people who never even brother to read your profile, some people don’t even scroll through all your photos, like in the life there are many ups and downs, you will have to go through many wrong conversation and fake profiles.

You should always have a positive attitude, always remember that online dating has always been Fun, or it will be if you do it right, remember that you would have to scroll through many profiles, you have to see it like an adventure not a hassle, if you start getting bore, just take a break and start it again after sometime. You will definitely get a perfect match for you on

Other Ways To Get Login Option

If you want to join 21.5 million singles on, you can join from other ways as well, some of them are:

  • You can search for the login on any search engine and select the appropriate link for login.
  • Visit for direct login skipping the home page
  • You can also download the application for android and iOS and login via mobile phone.

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