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Does plenty of fish (POF) allow refunds? and what is the method to getting POF refund so read on to find the solution.

Plenty of fish (POF) doesn’t grant the refund there are some exceptions to getting the refund the company claims that they will grant 60% of refund in some exceptions. Its depends on your location as you know POF works in many countries but plenty of fish (POF) refund policy exists only for some countries.

The plenty of fish (POF) refund policy apply on.

  1. The EU and the European Economic
  2. Specific s States

Plenty of fish (POF) doesn’t grant refunds on downloading the app and sharing the App. and also there is not any point system whereby you collect the points and get the refund even if you take subscription of plenty of fish (POF) still you are not able to take refund because there is no any policy to take refund with these steps.

How Can We Get Refund from Plenty Of Fish (POF)

If you purchase the app by play store or any other platforms so. You are able to get refund from that app store directly otherwise if you use any credit card or any internet banking like phone pay google pay so you can take refund from that specific sources.

Plenty of fish (POF) Refund policy for EU

According to the local law, the citizens of the EU are eligible for a full refund within 14 days from the start of the subscription.

Plenty of Fish Refund Policy for the Citizens of Particular Countries

If you cancel your subscription before the third day of your subscription expires, you won’t be charged any cancellation fees.

In case of any problem while using the app you can get refund you should call on customer care and tell them that you are not able to use this app either they will solve your problem or they will give you full refund

In case of becoming disabled, you need to provide a signed and dated notice stating that you want to cancel the agreement with POF when you request a refund. The letter of notice should include your email address or phone number connected to your account on POF.

Special exceptions apply in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and the EU.” In most of these areas, you are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of the subscription purchase.

However, even if you’re not in these areas, it can be worth it to try to get a refund.

There are Some more tips if you recently spent on Plenty Of Fish (POF)

Call Plenty Of Fish (POF) customer care.

You can tell them that your phone is not giving permission to access this app and you want to get your money back. They will solve your problem otherwise they will have to give your refund back to you. But before this you are to make sure that plenty of fish (POF) grant the refund policy in your location. If your country exists in a refund policy exception, you will demand your refund proudly if your location is not in the list so you are not able to get your refund back.

In the case of customer care service is not receiving your call so you can try email system on Plenty Of Fish Email . You just give them a email you get a reply same time you just tell them your account details they will ask for your mobile number and date of purchase and they ask you the reason of the refund.

Experts at POF customer support welcome you to dial POF toll-free number to share POF related issues. While using POF, the users come across a range of technical issues.

This number is accessible round the clock for the POF users. Most importantly, a highly trained team of POF experts is seated to address the issues.

Final Words

If you are eligible to get POF refund, you will get POF refund. You have to contact the experts at official POF support that is accessible 24/7.

Web: POF Refund

More: Plenty Of Fish Customer Service Contact : (1-888-712-0529)

If you are apple iPhone holder so its about to very easy to get refund you are able to take refund from iPhone store they will surely give you full refund either you are from any country you have just I phone.

Following Are The Steps to Cancel POF Subscription:

  • Go to
  • Login to your POF account
  • Click the link under to Delete Your POF Profile
  • Fill your user-name, password, and reason for leaving POF Click Submit

Your subscription will be cancelled.

Once the subscription gets cancelled, you are allowed to request for a POF refund.

How Can You Take Refund From Google Store? | Getting a POF Refund With Google Play

You can request a POF refund via Google Play by following these steps:

  • Find Returns and Refunds on your Android device Tap on Apps
  • Select the date of your purchase
  • Do the survey about why you want to be refunded Click on Submit
  • Can You Request a Refund With: Yes/No – Do Not Pay – Yes

App Store – Yes

Phone Under certain terms Google Play store – Yes

Email Under certain terms Letter Under certain terms

Plenty of Fish Refund With Do Not Pay

Do Not Pay will help you request a refund even from the companies that have no-refunds policies. When it comes to companies that have absurd refund policies—such as Plenty of Fish—Do Not Pay is the best option. With us, you have a 98% chance of getting a refund.

There are some methods to get refund i hope your problem has solved and you get full refund.

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