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The Plenty Of Fish (POF) has tried to answer each and everything users need to know. Users can freely share questions that come into their mind without any hesitation. Although it is a free online dating website it offers a Premium Membership feature to the users who pay for the same. If you want to explore these Premium features you can pay and start enjoying them. The problem mainly starts when you decide to cancel your subscription on POF website or application and you wish to POF Refund.

Demanding your POF refund is often troublesome if you don’t understand the step way to follow. But it is not that hard if you find a helpful guide.

The method of declining your paid subscription varies from device to device. If you are using POF in a Smartphone then again you need to follow different steps for IOS or Android. All the in-app purchases will be made by the mode or method of payment you have selected on the POF website of POF.

Can I Get A Refund On POF?

Basically the companies’ motive lies somewhere between no refund policies. POF terms and policies states that all the payments are non-refundable, which includes your subscription money, coins and any other payment you make ok the website.

But POF refund policy states that you can get a refund on cancellation of your subscription, if you ask for it with in three business days of the signup. But also these advantages are limited to few states only, which include:

Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Lowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio Rhode Island, Wisconsin.

Can I Get A Refund From POF If I Made An Incorrect Payment?

Well if you made a mistake while paying for the subscription money, like if you made an incorrect payment, the company may actually show flexibility. You can contact to the customer service of POF anytime via phone, email or message. You will be connected to one of their agent and they will help you with your problem.

Users Can Ask For:

  1. A full or a partial refund
  2. Credit to use other features of the website if they are not willing to refund your money.
  3. Virtual currency corresponding of the value of over payment.

Possible Ways to Secure A POF Cancellation Refund:

Every user of POF should know that POF doesn’t offer any offline form for POF refund or to get the remaining amount after cancelling the subscription, but this doesn’t really means that you cannot contact the company and ask for your remaining amount after cancelling POF upgrade.

Here Are Some Possible Ways to Get POF Refund | 1-888-712-0529

1. Asking For A Refund Via Letter:

There are few possible ways to get back your refund after cancellation and asking for a refund through a letter is one of its possible ways. You can easily ask POF to give your remaining amount after cancelling the subscription as it is your right too, if you put up in a state which is eligible for a refund or which is eligible to give your amount back so you can cancel your subscription anytime within three working business days from signing up by sending a refund request letter to POF customer care.

And somehow the company approves your request via letter then it is expected to receive the refund from POF in 7 to 10 working days (It may take longer in some specific cases too). The refund will be sent or issued through the original payment methods.

2. Asking For A Refund Via Email:

The second way to get your refund or you can say the remaining amount after cancelling your subscription is asking for a refund email. You can simply put a refund request via mail to POF customer service support at [email protected]. (Remember that you should be living in the state where POF refunds are issued). You should describe every single thing that you are cancelling your subscription, you need your refund, or why you need to cancel your subscription?

And make sure that you include all your login data and the email address you used to sign up and the state specific stated in the terms of use.

3. Do Not Pay:

The third way to get your refund back or the remaining amount back after cancelling your POF subscription is DO NOT PAY. This is said the easiest or instant way by most of our users as it speeds up the refund process by cancelling your account quickly it hardly takes two minutes for DO NOT PAY to cancel your subscription and proceed towards to get your refund or your remaining amount back. What you had to do is that just follow these simple step that are first you need to open DO NOT PAY in your web browser and then click on find hidden money and then the last enter POF and your login details and the name of the service you are willing to cancel.

DO NOT PAY will let you now as soon as possible your subscription gets cancelled.

If you are still troubleshooting obtaining your Plenty of Fish Refund you must try to contact to POF’s customer service desk. You can contact POF for a refund by the POF customer service number (1-888-712-0529). The help desk of the POF is often willing to assist you. You will be able to reach them on their mobile.

Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

How Do I Cancel POF Payment?

Users should keep in mind this thing that deleting the Plenty of Fish app will not automatically cancel their subscription, and the monthly payment will be deducted automatically from their account if they do not unsubscribe to POF properly. You have to go to POF website and you have to follow certain steps if you want to cancel POF payment.

Can We Get A Refund After Cancelling POF Subscription?

If you cancel your POF subscription you can make sure that you will not be charged for any future payments or fees. But you must know that, past subscription fees will not be refunded to you. For any further details you need to know about the payments or refund policy of POF you can contact to the POF customer.

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