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What does the eHarmony checkmark symbol for messages mean? This is a great question, and I’m glad to answer it here. eHarmony has a new messaging system in place that I believe is a huge step forward for the company. The message symbols are a great way to convey important information to members quickly and clearly.

The symbols are used to show whether or not the member is interested in a particular profile, or even a specific individual. They’re also used to indicate if the member wants to chat with the person they’ve been matched with. To be clear, these are not the same as the little green thumbs-up symbol. Those are for showing that a member has successfully made contact with someone. Want to learn more about what the eHarmony checkmark means? Click here to read more!

What does the eHarmony check mark symbol for messages mean?

You’ll see one green checkmark when you send a message on the message tab. The match will read your message, and there will be two checkmarks. Click the Messages area in your profile, then scroll down to the bottom. This indicates that one or more of the contact’s emails have been opened and viewed. If both of the items are green, you’ve already been contacted.

What do the green check marks mean on eHarmony?

The Online Right Now tool on eHarmony tells you which of your matches are the most active and are the most likely to respond to your messages. Click on the photo of the person you’re matching to and you’ll see if their match is online. If your members haven’t been on your site for two months, you remove them from your list.

What does the orange dot mean on eHarmony?

It means that there are blanks.

Frequently asked questions-

On eHarmony, what does a smile mean?

Ans-It is a great way to say “hi” and break the ice with your matches. According to eHarmony, users who smile at their matches find someone quicker than those who don’t. 

What does it imply when someone in eHarmony favors you?

Ans-When you find members you’d like to see again, save them to your Favourite tab so you can discover them again. If you’ve selected them as a Favourite, just tap the heart icon in their photo to add them to your list of favorites.

Is it possible for your personality type to alter as you get older?

Ans-Personality maturation refers to the change process that occurs as we get older. Our personality changes over time, but what we are like compared to other people of the same age is the same.

Which eHarmony compatibility score is the highest?

Ans-The compatibility point system uses the results of your compatibility quiz and your preferences to score your matches. The compatibility quiz is a good idea, if you want to know how well you will get along with your potential partner.

How effective is eHarmony?

Ans-E Harmony claims nearly 500 weddings are the responsibility of its site each day. It’s possible to find the best match for you with the help of an algorithm.

How frequently are eHarmony matches updated?

Ans-Every single day there is a new match published by eHarmony. Changing your profile preferences is an option if you are having difficulty finding matches.

What should I write in my first eHarmony message?

Ans-Studies show that an online dating message should be between 61 and 69 characters. If you think your message is too long, limit it to three sentences: a welcome, praise or something of shared interest and a question.

What payment methods are available?

Ans-You can use a variety of methods to pay on the eHarmony. Credit and debit cards can be used to make online payments.

What happens if someone on eHarmony blocks you?

Ans-They can be able to block things. The blocking option on eHarmony allows users to permanently remove a match from their list of matches, stop any conversations with the blocked match, and prevent the blocked match from seeing the member’s communications with them.


eHarmony’s new message checkmark’s means you’re a great match! In fact, we just released a new feature where our matching algorithms check the messages you send to each other to see if you’re a good match! So, what does the checkmark mean? Well, it means that the person you’re messaging is a great match for you!

As you may have noticed, the checkmarks shows up next to your profile picture when you’re messaging someone. It’s a quick way to see if the person you’re messaging is a good match for you. If you’d like to learn more about the matching algorithm, check out our blog post about how we calculate match scores! Click here to learn more about eHarmony and read about our new matching algorithm.

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