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I know you are connected with internet in this era everyone is always connected with social media apps and sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp you will definitely experience that some people are totally mad they will abusing you while conversation they can using bad language with you they will give bad comments on your posts so sometimes you need to get rid from this type of people’s so you want to block them by your device so now we are talking about what happens when you block someone on Zoosk?

First you need to know how to block someone from Zoosk app. Someone with access to an email address can register on Zoosk, an online dating service with headquarters in San Francisco. If you feel harassed by a Zoosk member or you think he Will be making big problems for you so you can block and report him to the company.

You don’t need to provide a reason for blocking a Zoosk user, unless you want to also report him. Blocked users can’t send you messages, winks or requests. Furthermore, they don’t show up in your Carousel or in search results. You can block users from the Web or from the Android or iPhone App. because Your safety should be your first concern. Therefore, whenever you notice something suspicious, feel free to block and report that user. And if you think someone blocked you – don’t worry. Zoosk has so many users that you still have a big chance of finding someone who’s an even better match for you.

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To block a Zoosk user from the Web, log in to your Zoosk account and open the profile of the person you wish to block. To find a profile, use the Search function. Click the arrowhead next to the person’s name and select “Report/Block” from the menu. Select a reason from the drop-down menu and click “Report” to report and block the user. To block him without submitting a report, select “Not Interested” from the Reason menu.

To block a Zoosk user from your Android or iOS mobile device, visit his profile profile, tap the “…” icon in the lower-right corner and then tap “Report/Block.” Select a reason from the drop-down menu and confirm that you want to block and report the user.

What Happens After Blocking Someone From Zoosk?

If you don’t feel good in Zoosk if you are being harassed by someone on Zoosk so you can block him if someone using bad language with you if someone doing bad and abusive comments on your post if someone post your pictures on his profile so blocked him as soon as possible because it will be create mess with you if you rejected someone so he will be take revenge from you that’s why this type of nonsense happens the main thing is the world is full fill with that type of nonsense people’s what happens if you block someone from Zoosk.

  1. You don’t get their He will not be able to message you in future until he will be in your block list. Blocked users can’t send you messages, winks or requests. Furthermore, they don’t show up in your Carousel or in search results.
  2. Blocked person can not react to your activities either if you post any pictures or
  3. Blocked person can see your profile on Zoosk but he can’t do anything even he can not open your pictures that were uploaded
  4. They don’t have any solution to be they will not be unblocked without your permission.
  5. After removing a Connection, they will simply no longer appear in your list.

If you got a message from blocked user so it will be a problem in app then you should call on customer care as soon as possible because it can be a big problem from you instead of enduring theirs abusive message or abusive comments you just report it by the help of customer care service as soon as possible but its happens sometimes because Zoosk security system is very strong you have a one another choice to to remove someone from connection.

How Do I Remove Someone As a Connection?

If, after chatting for a while, you decide you’re no longer interested in the person you can also remove him or her as a connection. Removing your connections is easy.

From a laptop or computer:

  • Log in to zoosk.com or through Facebook
  • Click on “Connections” on the left hand side
  • Click the profile image of the connection you wish to remove; this will pop up a menu
  • Click on “Remove Connection”, then click “Yes” to confirm

This is another option to get rid from the person whom you want to get rid of. I hope you understand this.

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