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Before we talk about Guided Communication, we should know about eHarmony. eHarmony is an online dating website or an online dating application with millions of users, it is a fast-growing online dating platform.

Thousands of users are active too at this point. Besides to being operational 24/7., eHarmony is also operational in more than 18 countries around the world. eHarmony was founded in 2000 by German mass media and is helping its users find a match so that they can date someone randomly or have some random hook-ups The largest number of users who are registered on eHarmony are singles, which are continuously swiping right and left on a daily basis so that they can find someone to date randomly or to have some random hook-ups or to fulfill their other desires

Unlike other online dating platforms like tinder, bumble, as well as eHarmony, have similar features, which means that you got attracted to the user or to the user profile which came to you and swiped right.

There are online dating websites that have a lot of things on them. If you get moved on or dislike the user on eHarmony, you can either unmatched the user or close the user profile.

What is eHarmony guided communication?

The communication system of eHarmony has been completely changed in response to user feedback. It is possible to get to know someone at your own pace using a guided dialogue method.

You have the option of sending questions to your matches or sending messages directly. If you want to message a match you have never met before, go to their profile and select “Message.” The eHarmony compatibility test is designed to check the most essential aspects of your life. To determine your compatibility with your match, the information you provide in the blank sections of your profile is important. The 32 dimensions of compatibility can be understood through a questionnaire developed by eHarmony. The dimensions are categorized into six different categories.

  1. Emotional Temperament:

    It considers emotional energy, passion, and emotional condition.

  2. Character:

    The aspects of social style are benevolence, dominance, dominance, sociability, and flexibility.

  3. Mode of Thought:

    Intelligence, curiosity, wit, and artistic zeal is examined.

  4. Physical Characteristics:

    There are many factors to consider when looking at physical vitality, passion, sexual vitality, security and looks.

  5. Communication style:

    When it comes to relationship skills, emotion control, rage, mood and conflict resolution are all factors to consider.

  6. Beliefs and Values:

    Spirituality, family goals, ambition and altruism are all discussed.

What Do You Mean by eHarmony Guided Communication?

Guided communication is something that is designed in a way to help to users to know about someone at their own place.

You can easily have more control of the conversation by going on the quick question option which is there at the corner of your chat box with the person you were having a conversation Or you can do one more thing instead of this and skip this one.

You can directly go to the custom messages sending which will automatically send the message.

Note – you can only have a conversation with the user you have got a match with.

Sending or receiving questions that are pre-written would be hard stuff for the one but it will also be in a more welcoming way for another user.

These questions are pre-written by the eHarmony itself for their users to save their precious time and not to take pressure about the questions to ask or answer anything.

These questions or replies may be hard to answer or to reply but our application or our website tries best to serve you through these short services.

eHarmony Guided communication may help you to come one step closer to the user or to know about the user more to whom you got attracted.

Remember the fact you both swiped right for each other so you both will be much eager to know about each other, but Do not know how to start the conversation, so in this case, the guided communication will help you. You can choose the preferable message you want to and send.

The main goal of eHarmony is to help to learn more about the person you got attracted to or the person you got a match with. eHarmony Guided communication makes it easy for their users to start a conversation with their match.

Another feature of eHarmony guided communication is that you can highlight your unread messages, which will appear in bold and you can easily reply to them later whenever you want to.

Our application or our website will always let you know about the number of messages which are pending as the number badge will be shown at the side of the conversation. The whole thing will be highlighted in bold letters.

What are the uses of the eHarmony communication guide?

eHarmony is the best online dating application or website which helps them to have a match easily, which have not done it ever.

Our application or our website helps our users to start a conversation very easily with another user they want to. Guided communication makes it more comfortable for introverted users which feel very shy to start a conversation.

To say that your personality is reflected in eHarmony’s profile is an overstatement. Romance, emotional intimacy, and social values are some of the things that are shown in your compatibility with a match. Premium memberships allow you to enjoy this feature along with a few others. If you are a standard member, you won’t be able to see your matches’ photos on their profile pages.

1. About Me

Guided communication of eHarmony makes it very easy for you to know about your matches. You can simply go to the about me section and can easily know about your match.

Which also makes your conversation very easy and comfortable as a lot of things you must be knowing already about your match.

2. First Round of Questions

An easy way to be in a conversation with someone after an introduction is to put up some random questions which can also be informative and let the other person deal with your first round of questions.

Your first round of questions should not be more than five as it should be short and easy to answer questions and yes it should be informative too, you can easily select your questions from a list of questions.

So don’t feel uncomfortable as eHarmony has every solution for every problem faced by its users.

3. Dislike’s and Likes

A very easy way to get to know about each other is by exchanging their almost 10 dislikes and 10 likes. You should have a list of your 10 dislikes at max and 10 likes at max to be in a relationship.

These may also lead to ups and downs and you had to with all of it either it’s a deal maker or a breaker in a relationship. These examples of 10 dislikes and likes may be rude, weird, or numerous for the other but the one had to deal with to make your bond stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions-

How do you communicate on eHarmony?

Ans-If you want to send a message or respond to a message they’ve sent you, you can click on the envelope next to the info box. If you click the face, you can show that you’re interested in them, but you don’t know what to say.

Does eHarmony still have guided communication?

Ans-The Guided Communication feature offered by eHarmony was dropped due to the decreasing number of older users. When people receive a match, they see an entire dashboard about their compatibility, not just the notification that a match has been made.

How does the eHarmony algorithm work?

Ans-eHarmony keeps track of who you like or dislike, the types of people you message, and other ways you interact with the site and other members, besides the information on your profile. This Machine Learning is called by the head of Engineering at eHarmony.

How do I get the best out of eHarmony?

Ans-Some tips from couples who found love on eHarmony.

  1. You need to make sure you are ready to commit.
  2. When filling out the profile, be completely honest.
  3. Know what you are searching for.
  4. Make sure you feel good about yourself and look at what you have to offer.
  5. Keep coming back.

What is a good first message on eHarmony?

Ans-It needs to be short and simple. It is said that the ideal length for a first online dating message is between 61 and 69 characters. Try and keep your message to three sentences, with a greeting, compliment or something of common interest, and a question, if that sounds too short to you.

What does the eHarmony check mark symbol for messages mean?

Ans-Check marks state the message status in the Messages section, so you can see if your match has read your message. If you see a green check beside the message, your match has received it. The match has read the message if you can see two green checks.

Where can I see on eHarmony when my match was last online?

Ans-Below their photo, you can see the last time your matches were last on eHarmony. We remove members from your list of matches if they haven’t been logging in for two months or more. You can see which of your matches are most likely to respond to your messages by using the online right now feature. You can see if a match is currently online by looking at the small green dot next to the picture.


eHarmony guided communication is a system of communication developed by eHarmony, a relationship-building website founded in 2000. eHarmony guides their users through a series of questions that help them learn more about each other, and eventually develop into a successful relationship.

It is a method of communication used to help users get to know each other better, and eventually develop a successful relationship.

There are many uses for guided communication. Users can use it to communicate with each other, find compatible partners, and even plan wedding ceremonies. It is a very effective tool for people who want to meet new people, find their soul mate, or just have a happy life.

Want to learn more about guided communication? Read this article to learn more about eHarmony!

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