What is eHarmony Guided Communication and Their Uses?

Before we talk about eHarmony Guided Communication, we should first know about eHarmony. Which is a fast growing online dating platform, eHarmony is an online dating website or an online dating application with millions of users registered on it. which also means that thousands of users are active at this point of time too. eHarmony is operational 24/7 and is also operational more than 18 countries all over the world.

eHarmony was founded on August 2000 by German mass media and till date eHarmony is helping their users to find a match so that they can date someone randomly or can have some random hook-ups. The maximum users which are registered on eHarmony are singles, which are continuously swiping right and left on daily basis, so that they can find someone to date randomly or to have some random hook-ups or to full fill their other desires.

Unlike other online dating platforms like tinder, bumble as well as eHarmony have similar features, like swiping right to a user or to a user profile means that you got attracted to the user or to the user profile which came to you and swiping left means that you dislike the user or the user profile. There are a lot of things on online dating websites or applications. You can easily find a match on eHarmony and if you got moved on or started disliking the user you can also unmatched the user or you can close the user profile.

What Do You Mean by eHarmony Guided Communication?

Guided communication is something which is designed in a way to help to users to know about someone at your own place. You can easily have more control of the conversation by going on the quick question option which is there at the corner of your chat box with the person you were having a conversation Or you can do one more thing instead of this and skip this one. You can directly go to the custom messages sending which will automatically send the message.

Note – you can only have the conversation with the user you have got a match with.

Sending or receiving questions which are pre written would be hard stuff for the one but it will also be in a more welcoming way for the another user. These questions are pre written by the eHarmony itself for their users to save their precious time and not to take pressure about the questions to ask or answer anything. These questions or replies may be hard to answer or to reply but our application or our website tries best to serve you through our these short services.

eHarmony Guided communication may help you to come one step closer to the user or to know about the user more to whom you got attracted. Remember the fact you both swiped right for each other so you both will be much eager to know about each other, but Do not know how to start the conversation, so in this case the guided communication will may help you. You can chose the preferable message you want to and send.

The main goal of eHarmony is that is to help to learn more about the person you got attracted too or the person you got a match with. eHarmony Guided communication makes easy for their users to start a conversation with their match.

Another feature of eHarmony guided communication is that you can highlight your unread messages, which will appear in bold and you can easily reply them later whenever you want to. Our application or our website will always let you know about  the number of messages which are pending as the number badge will be shown at the side of the conversation. The whole thing will be highlighted in bold letters.

Uses of eHarmony Guided Communication

eHarmony is the best online dating application or website which helps their to have a match easily, which have not done it ever. Our application or our website helps our users to start a conversation very easily with another user they want too. Guided communication makes it more comfortable for introvert users which feel very shy to start a conversation.

1. About Me

Guided communication of eHarmony makes it very easy for you to know about your matches. You can simply go to about me section and can easily know about your match, which also makes your conversation very easy and comfortable as a lot of things you must be knowing already about your match.

2. First Round of Questions

An easy way to be in a conversation with someone after a introduction is to put up some random questions which can also be informative and let the other person deal with your first round of questions. Your first round of question should not be more than five as it should be short and easy to answer questions and yes it should be informative too, you can easily select your questions from a list of questions. So don’t feel uncomfortable as eHarmony has every solution for every problems facing by their users.

3. Dislike’s and Likes

A very easy way to get to know about each other is is exchanging their almost 10 dislikes and 10 likes. You should have a list of your 10 dislikes at max and 10 likes at max to be in a relationship. These may also lead to ups and downs and you had to with all of it either it’s a deal maker or a breaker in a relationship. These examples of 10 dislikes and likes may be rude, weird or numerous for the other but the one had to deal with to make your bond stronger.

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