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Today we will be talking about eHarmony Rejection like: Rejection on eHarmony / How to know if I am Rejected on eHarmony / What to do if you have been Rejected / Reasons to be rejected on eHarmony.

Suppose, after seeing all the commercials, hearing all the successes stories of people that who they were able to find their perfect match on eHarmony, being a single person and desperate to find your ideal match you decide to join eHarmony. You log in create your profile successfully and after passing all the personality tests, anxiously you click the final button to get your results. And you see a message stating “Unable to match you at this time“.

I am sure you will be so depressed and your excitement will go in vain. Thing that What? eHarmony, the site of love and perfect match decides that you are not capable to be matched with any other user of the website? You will start thing, what is wrong with me? Is it for real? What have I done wrong? Am I such a horrible person that I have been rejected from a dating website? Am I not ready to date? I am not capable of dating someone?

Well my friends hold on and take a deep breath.

You must know that eHarmony the website claims that 20% of the people who join the website are rejected mostly. As stated by the website there are some reasons and terms ok based of which eHarmony rejects users. You will see that most of the reasons don’t apply to you, but you are still reject. But this is how eHarmony works.

What are the Reasons Why You Are Rejected By eHarmony?

There can be several reasons foe which eHarmony may reject you. The number one reason can be that you are married. Almost, 30% of the people on eHarmony trying to create a profile answer “Yes” to being married on the questioner.

But in most of the cases there are people who just want to try the dating app to see weather they will have matches or just to experience the website, who lie about their marriage status. Maybe these people account for some rejections? Otherwise, who lies about this thing?

The matching system for e Harmony is based on extensive research with married couples. Their model could not predict who you would be best matched to. There are some obvious reasons why you’re rejected on e Harmony.

You are under aged:

If you are under the age of 21, you should be aware that eHarmony is interested in forming marriages. If you’re young and desperate for marriage, this could be a great website for you.

You aren’t straight:

If you are a gay or lesbian, you will not be accepted on e Harmony. The website’s terms and conditions are strange enough that they were sued over. A new service called Compatible Partners has been launched as part of the statement.

You lied:

As much as you can, tell the truth in your questionnaire form.

Other main reason from rejection by eHarmony is that, most of the people who register are below 21 years of age. You have to be at least 21 to register on website eHarmony that is the minimum age.

One of the other terms of eHarmony states that, if you are younger than 60 and you have been married 4 or more times you will be rejected by eHarmony. Because according to eHarmony you will not be a good match to be ok this website, they want to assure its users are good enough for each other.

If you are a gay or lesbian, and want to join eHarmony you will be rejected. This term and condition of the website is really weird to understand they were actually sued over this particular condition and as a part of statement has opened new service called Compatible partners.

Answering the questioner of the eHarmony in an inconsistent way will be rejected by the website. Many questioners are repeated through and if you answer the questions in the same way like you did before it will be reject by the website.

If your answers suggest that you have depression then also you will be rejected by the website.

All most all the reasons seem acceptable to me since the service aims to bring people who are seriously looking for a relationship.

What Should You Do After eHarmony Rejection?

Rejections are not always as personal as they look. A stranger making a hasty decision in less than 20 seconds is what e Harmony rejection implies. It’s time to reconsider your position if you used to be part of the office happy hour gang.

First of all don’t feel sad about it; just because eHarmony doesn’t know how to match you it doesn’t mean there is no match out there for you. But still these are the few things to be kept in mind:

  • If you are below 21 keep in mind that eHarmony is looking for creating marriages. If you are young and desperate for marriage this could be the perfect website for you.
  • Take the questioner of eHarmony seriously. If you do not take it seriously and you will it in a haphazard manner, then you should double check it and fill it again. Try to be honest in your questioner as much as you can. There are more chances at that you will be accepted by eHarmony if you will be 100% honest in your questioner.

At last I just want to let you know that if you are rejected by eHarmony don’t think that there is something wrong with you, nearly 20% of people who join eHarmony are rejected by the website. But no need to worry there are plenty of other websites that can help you and are more flexible than eHarmony website.

Rejection hurts for a reason, and it is not because you are weak or sensitive. Our desperate need for others to accept us is caused by a biological cause. Our attachment patterns have an influence on our reaction to rejection. People who have a secure attachment style develop when they engage with their caregivers in a healthy way as new-born. It can have a negative impact on every aspect of your life when you allow rejection to hold you back.

There are ways to deal with rejection that could help you emerge stronger. Rejection can be beneficial in the long term, as it doesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all. What you tell yourself about why you were rejected will affect your feelings about the rejection. You will not be depressed or upset because you have convinced yourself that the rejection isn’t about you.

It is equal to taking it personally when you are denied access to eat the chocolate kept in the kitchen for your sibling who isn’t returning home for a week, if you get enraged because he/she rejected you. We have all been through this before. We are going to tell you some ways to overcome rejection.

There are a few things you can do to overcome rejection.


A list of the positive attributes that others have praised you for can be made. If you remind yourself of your great attributes, you will get over your disappointment more quickly. You can keep track of how you are feeling with this method. It is important to remember that a specific way of being caught in a single mood is not useful. Need to remain grounded and open. You should consider the places you were wrong and improve yourself.

Spend time with friends and family:

If you are feeling rejected, remind yourself that you are not alone. Try to think of someone significant in your life if you can’t be with a loved one now. Or maybe simply think of them.

Don’t be hard on yourself:

Don’t blame yourself for what went wrong if you’ve been rejected. If you can learn anything from the experience, consider that. According to Alan Gottlieb, look at it with respect for yourself.

Don’t let it break you:

You should never allow rejection to prevent you from pursuing your goals in the future if there is one thing you should take away from it. At some point, every successful person has gone through it. Rejection is something that everyone experiences, so the next time you are turned down for a date or not getting a job, remember that.

Find out your qualities:

In the case of rejection, self-affirmations can make you feel more confident. It is a good idea to have a list of your talents and values. You can begin the day by reading the Affirmations aloud to yourself. It can help you in figuring out who you are and how you identify yourself.

Do self-care:

If you want to ease your heart, jogging, meditating, or doing anything else that makes you happy is a good way to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions-

How do I get over my dating rejection?

Ans-Re framing rejection into something positive is one of the ways to combat your ruminating thoughts.

  1. The other person made the right decision for you.
  2. It can mirror what areas you need to work.
  3. You reduce the time and effort.
  4. Rejection means redirecting.

Does e Harmony still reject?

Ans-Rejection of Applicant-

It is thought that about 20% of e Harmony applicants are rejected.

Why did e Harmony reject my photo?

Ans-There are other reasons for photo rejection, such as the photo being blurry or pornographic.

What is the best thing to do after rejection?

Ans-Here’s how to deal with rejection in a healthy way.

  • Don’t understand why rejection hurts.
  • Practice some self-care, and take a step back.
  • You should take some time to process your emotions.
  • Have self-affirmations.
  • Take time with the people you love.
  • Or just think about them.

How do you deal with rejection after rejection?

Ans-How to overcome rejection.

  1. Grieve the loss and acknowledge the pain. It is the loss of something that you hoped to have.
  2. You shouldn’t blame yourself. It is natural to want to know why you were rejected.
  3. Strengthen your immune system.
  4. Keep putting yourself out there.

How do you bounce back from dating rejection?

Ans-4 tips to bounce back.

  1. Don’t take it personally, train yourself that way. Being rejected feels like a very personal thing, it feels like they’re rejecting you in all your glory.
  2. Treat yourself.
  3. Do you know why you’re so cool?
  4. Move on.

How do you deal with online dating rejection?

Ans-How to Beat the Rejection Mindset when using online dating.

  1. Don’t take rejection personally while online.
  2. Don’t let online dating rejection deter you.
  3. You should recognize that you reject other people when using dating sites.
  4. When using online dating, think about why that person wouldn’t date you.

How do you deal with rejection from someone you like?

Ans-Here’s how to deal with rejection in a healthy way.

  1. Don’t understand why rejection hurts.
  2. Practice some self-care, and take a step back.
  3. You should take some time to process your emotions.
  4. Have self-affirmations.
  5. Spend time with people you love.
  6. Or just think about them.

What is the cause of rejection?

Ans-Being rejected as a child, having been abandoned or unloved, and having a physical condition that makes them unattractive to others are some of the causes of fear of rejection.

How do you handle romantic rejection gracefully?

Ans-When handling romantic rejection, there are 3 things to remember.

  1. To be graceful and dignified you have to be graceful and dignified. Don’t break up or act out in front of the person who is the object of your affection as you might be feeling distraught.
  2. Take a break for a while.
  3. Don’t let it make you angry.


Getting rejected is not the end of the world, especially if you are rejected by someone you don’t know. Try harder than ever after a rejection to bounce back and say, “I know I’ve got something to offer, and the person I will end up with will see that from the beginning.

According to Neil Clark Warren, 27 percent of applicants are under the age of 21, and 9 per cent of those who completed the 258-question application submitted inconsistent responses. Asking yourself, “Is there anything I can learn from this experience?” rather than sitting in rejection is the most important thing. Is there anything I can do in the future?

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