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Which Dating App Has The Most Users – As you all know online dating is becoming a very common and most used method to find dates everywhere. New dating apps are continuously launching each and every day with unique features for everyone.

These features are unable you to find you a perfect match and with full safety. Users on dating websites are increasing day by day. People are making various profiles on different dating apps now.

In this article, we will be talking about which dating app has the most users. As you all are aware that Valentine’s Day is around the corner so you all may want to know which dating website to use.

Obviously, if you will make your profile on the dating website which has the most users the chances of you finding a perfect date for yourself will be more.

So, in this article, we will be talking all about Which dating app has the Most users so that you can make your decision about which dating website you want to join.

We have tried to answer every possible questions in this article we have just not made this evaluation on the basis of popularity but also, we have kept in mind specifications of all the users like a dating website of LGBTQ+ people, age preference, and other specifications like if you are looking for a serious relationship or a fling. So, if you want to know more about Which Dating App has the Most Users just keep on reading.

List Of Dating App Which Has The Most Users:


Tinder is the most popular online dating website today. Tinder is one of the first dating websites to gain such popularity. It has the most number of users. Many people use tinder for casual flings while are a large number of people found their Love on this website.


Bumble is a well-known dating website today. On Bumble women are the one who gets a chance to initiate a conversation. The age group on Bumble ranges from 26 to 35 years old. Bumble gives confidence to women so that they can imitate the first move and no one will judge.


OkCupid was launched in 2004 and since then it has gained vast popularity. If you have been in the online dating game for a long time you must have heard of this online dating website OkCupid. OkCupid gives the most preference to the users’ specifications. Its questionnaire contains every single question about users’ preferences and it will suggest you the best match possible for you. Its questionnaire contains questions regarding preference and fantasies.

Plenty Of Fish (POF)

Plenty of Fish is a free online dating website with millions of active users. It was started in 2003 based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It has about 500 million registered users at this point of time. Plenty of Fish features articles based on every possible topic from finding your compatible partner to getting over a breakup. The thing that attracts the users towards Plenty of Fish the most is that we have tried to add a personal touch in every aspect which makes users more comfortable with the website.


Hinge app basically focuses on making the profile more presentable and engaging than other online dating websites. Hinger suggests you people on the bases of mutual friends on Facebook and other dating websites. It only suggests you genuine users and if you are looking for a serious relationship for yourself then you should definitely check this online dating website out.


Happn connects people on the basis of their geographical locations. Happn suggests you people and matches who are nearby and who will be perfect for you. It helps you to find people who live nearby you.


Her is a dating website specially designed for lesbians, bisexuals and queer women. The app supports the LGBTQ community and gives then a chance to explore people of their preference very easily. The app is new and still gaining popularity but it is still good to have a Dating website for your specific preferences.

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