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What Does Wink Mean On Zoosk? – Zoosk gives you a feature of wink and if you wink to a profile or an account in which you are quite interested will mean that you are sending flirty messages to the profile you got attracted and whenever you choose to wink to a profile, that user will be notified that how you picked his/her profile out and showed interest in them.

What Does Wink Really Means On Dating Sites?

Receiving  a “wink” or a “poke” at online dating platforms will simply indicates that the user is very much interested you and got attracted towards your picture or your profile . winking to a profile is a gesture to show their affection towards you which came across to you while scrolling down the profiles or the accounts .

Winking to a profile really means that you are very much interested in the user and to the user profile as well . winking will send a flirty or a notorious message to the profile you got attracted  to and whenever you choose to wink or to poke to an account or to a profile then automatically that user will be notified that how you picked out his or her profile  the moment he or she opens the application or our website.

Not all online dating websites or online dating applications have a feature to wink , which makes Zoosk different from other online dating platforms .  So you should  pick every benefit of winking because it makes you one step closer to your future mate. Nowadays winking is very acceptable as well , it is also used for showing an initial interest in another person and if the wink got accepted then it means both have some affection for each other and later they may date each other or have some hook up together .

What To Do If Someone Winks You On Dating’s Sites ?

As far we all know that winking is an another gesture to show their love to another person . some people may get offended or some people may take it friendly or some people take it as a flirty indication .

So what to do when someone winks you on dating websites or applications , it totally depends on you if you are interested in the user profile you may accept the wink or wink him back so that you can start dating each other and if you are not even a bit interested in the user as well as his or her profile you can simply deny the wink or you can ignore it and keep the wink in pending .

Somehow some users  found a wink completely ridiculous , you have no idea whether you are interested or they are interested and frankly most often people do not respond to the wink and left it over in the pending notifications , but later if you decided to accept the wink or you may found that user attractive you can simply go to the pending notifications and accept the wink and start your conversation.

What Is The Use Of Wink On Zoosk?

If are already a user of Zoosk then you may know that Zoosk is having a feature of wink on their website as well as their mobile application. This wink feature makes you one step closer towards your mate, this feature enables us to tell the another user that you are very much interested in his or her profile. the moment you winks at someone the user will begin receive alerts that some one had winked to you and it is the choice of the user to accept it or to deny it , the user can also keep the wink in pending to reply later.

Though the main feature of wink in our app is to make people more closer towards each other and to make their bond stronger so that maybe in future they may date each other happily. The moment you wink to someone it will start sending flirty messages or notorious messages to the user you got attracted and its his/her right it choose whether he accepts it or not. if the user is interested to be with you then he will!

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